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Finding June- COVER REVEAL

Today is the day!!! My own Cover Reveal!!!! I am so happy to share with you the cover to my New Adult novel coming out March 4, 2014. The cover was done by the talented Carly Stevens and I am absolutely in love with it!
Make sure to scroll down to check out an excerpt and add Finding June to your goodreads.
Without further ado- I present to you Finding June's cover!!! 

Tell me your story June....

June thought she had it all. She soon found out how wrong she was. Her dreams of finding the good life were washed away when she was dumped on the sandy beaches of Mexico. Now back in Boise as an overeducated server, she doesn't even know where to begin on fixing her life.

But one thing June does know is the new guy at work is one to stay away from. Reece Day catches June's attention, even if she doesn’t want it. Reece has the uncanny ability to always get in the last word, to get under June’s skin, making her question what she really wants in life.

June quickly realizes that for the first time in her life, she finally has the chance to find herself.

*Subject to change in final version and this is has only been edited by myself*

Reece’s deep voice cut through my thoughts. “So, tell me your story June?”

I glanced up to see Reece filling the last of the pepper shakers and moving on to the salt.

“My story?” My story. Not anyone else’s but my own.

“Yeah, your story. What’s the story of June Rosewood?” His gaze drifted up to mine, his face holding a look of curiosity, like I was a book he wanted to open, to discover what was written on my pages.

I shrugged my shoulder. “I don’t know. I don’t really have a story. I’m a typical girl trying to figure it out.” His gaze on me seemed innocent but it felt like it was more, like he was asking me who I was and I couldn’t give him an answer.

“I don’t buy it. Everyone has a story.” Every time he spoke, he had confidence in his words, not in a way that was cocky but like he was sure of what he was saying and wasn’t going to be affected by my attempts to brush him off.

I shook my head. “Sorry to disappoint, but my story is pretty lame and right now, in revision. No one would be interested in it.”

This time, Reece stopped filling the salt shakers and focused all of his attention on me. “That’s not true. I’m interested in your story. I want to know your story, even if it’s not perfect.”

His words threw me. “Why? You just met me and I haven’t been the most pleasant.” Understatement. Oh, and the whole “incident” from the first day. All strikes against me. “It doesn’t make sense.” His attention never wavered from me even when I went back to stacking plates.

“Maybe that is why I want to know.”

I laughed. “Because I was a bitch. Sure, that totally makes sense.”

“Honestly, I think it’s a front, only a superficial layer of your story, and it makes me want to dig deeper. And if you don’t know your whole story right now? That’s okay. I don’t mind hearing it in bits and pieces. Tell me a tiny piece of your story June?”

By now I couldn’t focus on cleaning the table. I moved around the table and sat in the chair, only feet away from Reece. This man was different from anyone I had ever met. I felt like a moth drawn to a flame. His features were handsome, one of the most attractive men I had encountered. His hair fell in his eyes and his lips looked inviting, all of it inciting me. But what really got me was his words. His words drew me in, even if the rational part of my brain was telling me to resist. He cocked his head and tipped his head, encouraging me to tell him something.

“I…” I couldn’t even figure out something worthwhile to share with Reece, to keep him interested in my so called story. “Don’t think too hard about it. The first thing that pops in your head.”

“I like music.” It was true, music was a soothing balm when I needed a moment away from the frantic pace of life. Reece nodded his head, like he approved of my answer, a content look on his face. “I do too. All right, a true music lover’s question. Which do you like better, the original Wonderwall by Oasis or Ryan Adams’ version of it?” Reece pointed up the ceiling and as I tuned my ears in, I heard the Ryan Adam’s version through the speakers.

I laughed and this time it wasn’t one full of snark. “Is it bad if I say Ryan Adams’ version?”

He turned in the booth, facing me. “No, not at all. Why?”

“I’m all for the original, it’s a great song but Ryan Adams’ version is haunting and at moments demands you to listen to it, but then fades again into only soft sung words. Oasis’s version is like an orchestra and Ryan Adams’ has as much power in the song with only a few instruments and his voice.” I was surprised at myself, the passion I had just spoken with. I looked over at Reece for his reaction and saw his eyes roam over me.

“That’s beautiful.” It was soft spoken but his words crushed around me, the quiet of his voice leaving no room to hide from. I blushed as his words, amazed at what a simple word can do. He wasn’t calling me beautiful but it had been a long time since anyone had directed that word towards me. He continued on, easing the moment we just had, “I tend to agree with you. I actually heard the Ryan Adams’ version before I heard Oasis. I guess that version stuck with me more.”

“Where did you hear it from?”

His gaze went beyond me and for a moment he looked like he was somewhere else. “From someone who played a role in my story.”

 He looked back at me and I sat there with nothing to say, though I suddenly felt pretty interested in his story.

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About Caitlin 

Caitlin Kerry is obsessed with the stories we tell. Her love of reading and writing led her to accomplish a goal she set for herself at the age of seventeen. She has a degree in History and Political Science and is only a semester away from a Masters in Public Administration. Caitlin is an avid tea drinker, hopeful adventurer, lover of music and often finds the best medicine is the quiet of nature.

When Caitlin isn't writing or reading she usually can be found enjoying the great outdoors with her geologist husband, always looking for the next adventure. She currently resides in Southeastern Idaho.

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Self Marketing in a Self Publishing World

(Pictures used in teasers are my own) 

In case you haven't heard (though I bet you have!) I'm self publishing my debut new adult romance Finding June on March 4, 2014! I started writing Finding June in February 2013, so it will be a little over a year start to finish for this book. I had no idea that I would work up the nerve to publish it. Honestly, I didn't even know I was writing a whole book. At first, it was just scenes and then suddenly a story grew from there. I didn't plot anything out, I just wrote. I wrote down notes at work while sweeping, or on post its during class or walking on campus.

But, you all know that. What I'm decided to write about today is Marketing. One of the biggest plus (or cons depending on how you look at it) is that in the self-publishing world, you are spear heading all the work. You're finding your own editor, finding a cover artist are attempting it yourself, formatting is the same. You're not only putting yourself out there with your writing but also with how well you market yourself.

And I have to be honest, I fear that I suck at it.

I'm not a pusher. I've worked in restaurants for almost ten years. One of the biggest things you have to do when you're serving is to increase the bill, because the more they spend the bigger tip you should get (in theory...) So where I worked (and if you're my old boss, ignore this. Just remember how awesome of an employee I was.) we were always told to upsell upsell upsell. Sell beer and flavored lemonades. Cheese on salads and burgers, desert, all of it. Push it. Sell it. I hated it. You want a water, well then get a freaking water. I don't drink soda, I know it's bad for you, I wont push it on you. You don't want to eat desert, fine I seriously don't care. I just want to make sure you have everything you need, not what I want you to have. There were times I would watch coworkers and someone asks for a burger....eight questions later....All of that makes me uneasy.

This above example shows you that not only do I hate pushing things to sell, I'm also not good at it. Article after article I read is about the importance of getting out there, making sure people know who you are before your book comes out. I see people with over 2 or 3k likes on their Facebook paged before their first book even comes out (bravo to them!) and I sit here with 50 likes on mine.....I think a problem is that I'm more a hybrid blogger, not a specific book blogger or life style blogger. I write about books, music, myself (because even though I don't like to push myself, I do enjoy talking about myself. That might be an only child thing...)

So really what does all this rambling mean? Well, I can't wait until Finding June is in the world. I seriously can't believe I'm actually able to cross of a goal I made at the age of seventeen. But I hate the idea of throwing my book in people's face. I hate bothering people and being like HEY LOOK OVER HERE. I WRITE THINGS. THEY MIGHT NOT SUCK. and expect my Facebook to have thousands of likes and everyone favorite my tweets (though I wouldn't mind...) And I'm in awe of those you do!

So, I guess this is my (poor) attempt at Marketing. Finding June comes out in less than two months. I hope you join me on this journey. If you're a blogger, I would love to talk to you! And honestly, it doesn't even have to be about my book. I love all books in general :) If you want to learn more about me, scroll through my archives. Usually my Monday Inspiration posts are about things going on in my life. If you want to help with my journey, you are amazing. I'm happy to do guests posts on blogs, or tell you more about my book, the music that inspired it (thats a few posts within itself!) or really anything! I'm a pretty open book.

And I shouldn't say that I have done this by myself, I have been so lucky and blessed with such amazing help from a few fellow bloggers and authors and friends! A huge thank you!

And the first thing: Here is the sign up for Finding June's COVER REVEAL which will be JANUARY 20, 2014!!!!!!!! So please feel free to sign up!!!

Finding June Cover Reveal- SIGN UP HERE

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Book Review: Contessa by Lori L. Otto

First book review of the year! Let me give you a quick background about this book. Contessa is actually a side story of Lori L. Otto's magnificent Emi Lost and Found Series, a series I read (more like devoured) in November. I LOVE that series. It is so amazing! This is the story about Emi and Jack's daughter Livvy and is Young Adult compared to the Lost and Found series which is Adult Contemp. 

Contessa by Lori L. Otto

Book One of the YA/New Adult Choisie series by the author of Emi Lost & Found.

When she was four, a generous couple welcomed orphan Olivia Sophia into their lives. As she grew up, her parents made good decisions for her, raising “Livvy” to be an intelligent and creative young girl. Now sixteen, three people influence many of her choices: her first love, her second father, and a third man who speaks to her through his artwork.

Livvy’s father is practical and steadfast; even-tempered and quietly observant. She’s an artist who acts on her emotions and thrives on attention. Unhappy with their differences– and misunderstanding her father’s methods– Livvy chooses to focus on the similarities she shares with an enigmatic painter from her mother’s past. Her overactive imagination leads her down an obsessive path– one that only stands to hurt everyone around her.

The distraction of a new boyfriend has the potential to end her search and reunite her family, but his involvement in her life could be just as devastating, taking Livvy away from her father for good.


I finished this book last night....and honestly I don't even want to pick another book up because I just want to read more about this family. I was totally spoiled by reading all three of Emi's books in a row because now I just want more of Livvy's story!!!

So what did I do???? What any self respected person would.

I stalked her instagram and liked all of her pictures. Because that's what you do when you just can't let of a story, right? Right????? 


I fell in love with Emi's story and was so happy to see her continue on with these characters and we get to see Livvy's story! Livy is a typical teenager, full of angst and on the cusp of adulthood. Jack and Emi are amazing parents but Livvy clings onto a person from Emi's past, trying to make sense of who she is. Livvy is also a bit infatuiated not only with this person, but with a boy. Jon Scott.

"You're a complete distraction, and you've completely disarmed me of all propriety and manners and good intentions."

Lori L. Otto doesn't give us clean stories that easily end with fluffy HEA, no  she gives us tales of a person going through a journey and though that journey you get to see the friends and family that surround her. These people are the ones that will help Livvy through whatever lies in her path. I think we see that in this book, the set up for Livvy's future. 

Livvy is very much a teenager. She has lived a pretty plush life, let's be real here. Jack and Emi have through their hardships in order for Livvy to never go without. Oh Jack. I felt for him as he deals with his daughter that is quickly growing up. I hurt for him and had multiple times during the book where I had to slap my forehead when Livvy does something stupid. (Which can seem like a lot...)

"I'm telling you exactly how I feel right now. If I can't show you tonight, I've got to make sure I communicate it somehow." 

Jack and Livvy are trying to figure each other out. Livvy is also testing any boundary put in front of her, most with her new boyfriend Jon. Jon *hearts in eyes* I loved Jon because he is so kind and acts much older for his age. He is smart and knows that Livvy has some growing up to do.

"Exactly. You're not a kid anymore. You're the woman I want to be with. And I like the way it sounds. I love you, Olivia." 

Overall, this book, to me, was about family and how strong that strength is. It was also about love, new love and finding your balance as a teenager trying to be everything you want to be. I seriously can't wait until the next book in this series, because I love watching Livvy grow and I love reading about this family. Love. So trust me, you want to not only check out this book but also check out the Lost and Found Series as well. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year....New...Something


My blog is one year old! Crazy! And I'm super proud of myself for keeping up with it. :)

Now, you're all wondering what wonderful ambitious goal centered resolutions I have this year.


I got nothing.

As I watched friends and others throw out their plans for the new year; working out being number one, as usual, and other things I just felt like I couldn't commit.

I felt like setting up plans for this year was setting myself up for failure.

Last year I was able to cross off one of my 17 year old goals- I wrote a book. And I'm publishing it.....
MARCH 4, 2014

(yay! I have a release date!)

But..back to my New Years Goals, or lack thereof. See, I have this huge problem with jinxing myself. Now, stop rolling your eyes. The stories I have with how many times I jinx myself. It's so freaking stupid, every damn time. I felt like setting up goals was like jinxing myself, that if I said it out loud it won't happen.

And honestly, this year I don't feel the need to say my goals out loud for the whole world to hear (defeating the purpose of a blog in a way) They are like a secret, and the only person I have to hold accountable is myself. No one else has influence on them.

But there are a couple things I can publicly say I'm trying to be more aware of.

Labels. The internet can be an amazing thing, a great place to connect and find people with similar interest. It can also be a breeding ground for stereotypes and labels. When we attach labels to people, we are almost taking away from each unique individual. Just because you label yourself as something...doesn't mean your experience is the same as the person next to you who shares that same label. We each see the world different based on our experiences and who we are. We solve problems differently, because our minds and knowledge is different from each other.

This general labels are umbrella stereotypes that filter people into a general consensus and description of that label. How epically awful is that. So this year I'm trying to be more aware of not only how I see myself, but how I see others. I want to see each person for who they are, their strengths, the things that make them unique, not the roles they play in their lives. I hope people join me in this because we often judge based on one's own experience and man, it's hard not to do but if you only take a step back, look at the situation through unfiltered eyes, it could be very beneficial. I want to see people without their labels.

The other. I want to see myself without my labels. I want to be more kind. I want to step outside the box I live and see the world from different perceptions. And, honestly, that's not a New Years resolution, that's just simply a goal in life.

I also know that this year...I don't have any expectations. I'm just along for the ride.

This year, how are you changing how you see the world?