Sunday, January 13, 2013

Growing Up and Growing Old

There is something to say about finding that person to grow old with. Normally, society gives you an odd look when you get married young, saying that it wont last (sans the area I live in) but while there is something to say about finding someone to grow old with, there is a truth in finding someone to grow up with.

I was 19 when I met D. In a way, we had nothing in common. Now for me, this is nothing new. Growing up in Idaho I was always the one who liked different music, books, and was just a little different. Many referred to me as a "hippie" and I told D as much as on our first date. He quickly realized I wasn't like anyone else he had dated. I guess today on this quiet Saturday I was reminded about how perfect someone can be for you when I walked into our office to see D reading one of his new textbooks about geomorphology, listening to a British Folk Indie station. It put the biggest smile on my face! Not because he was totally doing something I would do, but more because it such a great feeling to know that two people with diverse hobbies and interests can be openminded enough to purse and engage in what the other finds interesting.

D has always been open to my interests, and I love him for that. I also love how we can easily have our own time, how it can nice just to be next to each other lost in our own worlds. When we started dating five years ago,  we grew up together. There is something to say about growing up and learning to be an individual it can also be refreshing to grow up and have to hold yourself responsible to another person. To want to be better not only for you but for your partner. To know that when times are tough, as they can be in your 20s, you always have someone there. That together all the times when your broke as hell, when your sad over things you cant control, or when you so stressed from the simple needs of life, there is someone there. I am happy I have someone to grow up with. And I look forward to growing up old with him.

So today I leave you with a song that we both love, that we find fits us perfectly. Enjoy.

P.S. And there are other times when you realize you both are so weird, no one else woud have ya ;)

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