Friday, January 11, 2013

Finding the Quiet

I am a lover of seasons. I find each season brings some kind of peace, whether it be the quiet ruffling of of leaves during a warm breeze on a late summer hike, or smell of the crisp cold air with the twinge of smoke in the air from stoves during the late fall. Each season brings a sense of the beginning of something new and bright.

The last few days have brought on a large amount of snow in my quite hill nested town, more snow than we have seen in awhile. This snow has covered everything in a soft blanket of white, a white that covers the dull and brightens the world. As I sit here in my own winter wonderland, I cherish this weekend because as soon as Tuesday hits I will be starting my second semester of grad school. Days will be filled with classes, reading, writing (the scholarly kind) and the hectic schedule grad school demands. Now, don't get me wrong, I am that person that genuinely enjoys going to school and learning. I soak it all up and it runs through my mind, processing the information and taking it apart piece by piece to only put it back together again to create a new picture. I am excited to start my next semester, but for now I am taking advantage of a quiet weekend of no obligations, plenty of tea drinking, and enjoying the winter around me. Because soon it will be spring, the snow will melt, and the trees will spring with a new growth of something new.

Today I leave you with a picture I took this November, as we experienced one of the first snows this season.

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