Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolution

 In 2012, I entered the year with hope and promise for a better year than the one before. For the most part, 2012 delivered. I also entered a different stage of my life. After graduating in Dec 2011 with my degree I was ready for the next step. I did an internship for 4 months with a nonprofit and helped write grants, opening my eyes to a profesional world where good was being done. I spent the summer working and supporting my husband as he was gone for 5 weeks for a field camp to further his course to get this degree. In the fall I started school again to get my Masters in Public Administration focusing on Environmental issues. Through this year I started to notice that I was surrounded with so many great things, I was learning so much but I didn't really have an outlet to express myself and mostly I was running into constant negativity. With my field (and it being an election year) I ran into many people already forming opinions and jumping to conclusions. It was hard to voice the idea that my field really doesn't have a lot to due with national issues and my focus is on the local level, where many people can make a huge difference!! So I started a blog to express and educate.

I want to use this space not only to talk about school but so much more! I love to read and read so much in high school. After started college I didn't have as much time and I challenged myself to read at least one book a month last year. WELL. I read over 100 books in 2012. I mostly read romance and YA novels, and I feel no shame about it!! I get enough real world problems with life and school that I don't need to read it in a fiction sense. And many YA novels are full of musings and ponderings that can make you think and ask questions. Other are light and full of innocence which is always nice to see. From my love of Harry Potter and the Hunger Games I also enjoy fantasy, usually in the YA section. I hope to highlight some amazing books I read.

Speaking of high school, I kept a journal through high school and filled it with keepsakes and inspirational quotes. While looking over it I found a list of things I wanted to accomplish. Man, 17 year old Cait was ambitious!! My list consisted of the following goals:
1.Learn Italian
2. Spend a year in rome (I was reading the DiVinci Code and Angels and Demons during this time :)
3. Observe more people
4. Go on a mercy mission in a third world
5. Watch a broadway play
6. Write a book

I realized that yes maybe one day I would write a book, but at least I should start writing and seeing this list gave me the push to write this blog. So I plan on at least starting on some of these goals. 17 year old Cait would be proud:)

I also want to focus on the positive of life. Have you ever had a moment in time where you looked around and realized everything was perfect? That in the moment, nothing could ever be better?? I have had a few of those. While at a live convert, driving to Salt Lake after D and I got married, looking at the snow capped mountains and just taking a breath that was free of worry.  I want to not only have more of those moments but to observe and capture them. I plan on sharing those moments in this blog as well as the motivational musing 17 year old Cait wrote down in her journal. And I leave you with one of those entries. It is where I got the title for my blog.

The Road
      You will find that it is all very familiar... 
    the strange and faraway places where you've never been. 
   The wild unknown leads you to a place just around the corner.
   Take a picture when you get there...
   The road is you.

-J. Beber
R. Hammond. 

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  1. Caitlin! I love it! I can't wait to read more! Congrats on starting this up :)


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