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A Matter of Heart: Author Interview + Review

Today I am THRILLED to bring you my review of A Matter of Heart by Heather Lyons. Not only do I have a review but I have an awesome author interview! Heather not only writes amazing books but she is in general a really cool person!!! I had so much fun talking to Heather about the Fate series, music, and writing! Enjoy :)

A Matter of Heart Synopsis:
  No longer in high school, Chloe Lilywhite is now living and working in Annar, the Magicals' city-state plane of existence. Since moving, she's joined the Council, gone on missions with the Guard, moved into her own apartment, and enrolled at the University of Annar. Plus, she's happily engaged to be married to Jonah Whitecomb, the literal man from her dreams, not to mention her Connection. While she still struggles with aspects of her craft, Chloe feels like she's finally coming into her own, especially after a difficult year that had her questioning nearly everything in her life.

After a brutal attack by the Elders, her life is turned upside down once more. Accusations fly throughout the Council and Guard, forcing Chloe to confront her worst fears about what's she's capable of as a Creator. And then there's the matter of Kellan Whitecomb, Jonah's twin brother and Chloe's ex, who resurfaces after disappearing months before. Although Chloe chose Jonah, and despite their best efforts, the two find it hard to stay away from one another.

But no matter what Fate throws at her, Chloe is determined to take charge of her life, even as it begins to spiral out of control.

A MATTER OF HEART is book 2 in the Fate Series, a mature Young Adult/New Adult fantasy.


Thank you Thank you Heather for coming to talk to us today! Must I say I have fallen in love with this series, with Chloe and the Whitecomb twins and the rest of the gang.

HL: Thanks for having me, Caitlin! I’m so happy to be here! And I’m so glad to hear how much you enjoy the series. J

1.    The Fate series deals with, obviously, how fate intervenes in life. Do you believe that fate plays a role in life? (Hard hitting questions first J )

HL: Hmm . . . I’ll be honest, this is a tough one. I’d like to believe that life is what you make of it—if you try hard, work hard, be a good person, you can achieve what you want. And I think, ultimately, this is the lesson Chloe is striving toward in the series, too.

2.    Where did the idea of the Fate series come from?

HL: Growing up, I was a mythology junkie—my grandmother and I would read Greek, Roman, and Norse legends with each other all the time and then go constellation hunting. I always thought it was an interesting concept—what if the ancients were on to something? Just what if there was a whole bunch of people who controlled our world, from weather to crops to war to knowledge? Even more—just what if the most powerful of all of them was a teenage girl? It seemed too intriguing of an idea for me to pass up!

3.    After some minor stalking, I saw that you used to do blogging about music. (Love). Is there any music you must listen to when writing the Fate series or a song that you feel represents the books?

HL: Ahh, yes, I am a huge music fiend, and there isn’t a day in which I’m not listening to music and/or hunting for new songs to crush over. I cannot write without music, truth be told. I build pretty in-depth playlists for each of my works and then will listen to them even when I’m not writing so I can keep the feel for the story going.  The playlist for A Matter of Fate was monstrously large; A Matter of Heart’s isn’t quite so bad, but it’s still pretty big. Narrowing it down, the top five songs that were used/really represent the first two books of the Fate series to me are: Poison and Wine by The Civil Wars, Chemicals Collide by Cloud Cult, Freeze and Explode by Cassettes Won’t Listen, I Am Strong by Polly Scattergood, and Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie.

4.    What is your favorite character to write? (I know it’s like asking who your favorite kid is.)

HL: Wow. That is hard! I ought to pick Chloe, because this is her story, after all, but I have two other characters I love to write about and for. The first is Karl Graystone, who in the very earliest versions didn’t play the role he does today. But there was something about Karl I couldn’t shake, so now he’s a key figure in the series. The other character . . . hmm. You’re going to hate me for this so much, but I can’t answer that question yet. It’s a major character that’s prominent throughout books three and four of the series. I completely adore this character and love telling their story.

5.    Do you plot your books out or know how the series is going to end? Or are you more of a pantser, having the characters tell you where the story is going?

HL: Oh, I’m definitely a fly by the seats of her pants kind of girl, who listens to the characters and let them dictate the storyline. I haven’t storyboarded a single one of my WIPs. I actually wrote the entire Fate series at one fell swoon, but I find that as I edit and revise, certain things change for characters, dictating big changes in the series. Right now, with the third book, I threw out the entire draft I had and am rebuilding from the ground up. The characters want what the characters want!

6.    Did you always want to be a writer growing up? And any words of wisdom for aspiring writers out there.

HL: I’ve loved storytelling my whole life (I even was president of my high school’s writers club!), but back then, I didn’t think I could actually make a go at it, so I went into the highly lucrative field of archaeology. Ahem. I kid, because as much as I adored archaeology and working in the field, that was truly a tough business to be in. So I went into teaching but then quit to become a stay-at-home mom. But the writing itch was always there; once home full-time, I thought to myself, why not give it a go again? What’s the worst that could happen? People not like it? To me—the true tragedy would be to have this dream and never act on it, regretting it later in life. So I gave it a go, and I’m forever glad I did.

My advice to anyone who wants to write is to write. Write often. Write what you like, what you’d want to read—never write for others, because then the story won’t be honest.  Find a writing group to join or critique partners to help with constructive criticism. Write some more. And then keep on writing.

7.     Random Rapid Fire Questions:

A.    Favorite Summer Activity? Hanging out in the pool.
B.     Coffee or Tea? I’m a definite tea-aholic. English Breakfast tea is the best. Mmm!!! And who doesn’t love going to a tea house?
C.     Favorite Band? I’m obsessed with Frightened Rabbit. I make sure I see them any time they come within a fifty-mile radius of me!
D.    Favorite TV Show? Currently, it’s New Girl. Oh my goodness, I want to steal Jess’ wardrobe so bad. And Zooey Deschanel’s, too. 
E.    Team Kellan or Team Jonah (I HAD to ask ;) Ahhh!! To be completely honest, it actually depends on what book and what chapter I’m on. I love them both for different reasons!

Thanks again Heather for such great answers ! And now check out my review of A Matter of Heart Below!!


I fell in love with the Whitcomb twins and Chloe with Lyon's first book A Matter of Fate. But this book made me feel every emotion so intensely as I read about the weight of the world on Chloe's shoulder. How can a girl of only 18 deal with so much? Well, she does the best she can but she is faced with so many huge decisions that you can't help but feel for her. Many would think that having a connection would be the best, but for Chloe she has two and putting her in an almost impossible situation. Which brother to choose? Who does she make happy and who must she hurt? 

"But here's the truth-you are my everything Chloe...There's only you. You're the only one I'll ever see. The only one I'll ever want."

While I read this book I was in for a roller coaster of emotions. I squealed like a high school teenager when a certain twin came into the book and I fan girled over all of their stolen moments. There were times where I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I had to walk away and process the awesome and heartbreak and longing and a range of emotions I was feeling. I cherished each moment Chloe had with Kellan. I felt that Chloe and Kellan had this unique yin/yang relationship. They worked well together in times of distress and seemed to really get each other in so many different ways. (Can you tell what Team I am??) That doesn't mean I don't love Jonah  kind and patient Jonah. But I wonder if Jonah's love is a pacifier. If his love is guarded in protecting Chloe in a way where she can't live her life. 

"You're more than my Connection; you know that right? The first night we met, I became the luckiest guy in all the worlds. I don't think you truly understand what you mean to me... I don't think you ever will." 

And then you think that it isn't just Chloe that has to deal with these emotions. Jonah and Kellan  and Chloe all are in this sticky situation. You feel for these three as they hurt and love and laugh and cry. How can you not?

"I will, you know. Fight for you, I mean. I've wanted to this entire time. Every single day.." 

While I was reading this I also had this thought. Chloe has had distant love from her parents and while I wouldn't say she lived a life without love I often wonder if she has experience the all consuming love that Jonah and Kellan have for her. If you weren't used to it, it could easily be overwhelming. That love paired with the responsibilities of being a creator? Of couse she would be so stressed she was sick. 

"It tells me that love is difficult...And that it's never guaranteed or safe and that sometimes, we must take risks." 

By the end of the book these were my thoughts  Chloe says that she had no control over her life due to fate but I am hoping with the third book and on she says screw you fate and takes charge of her own life. She has to make her own decisions and not what fate says because it could possibly kill her. I still don't know what those brothers though and I can't wait until we see how it works out. Overall, this has been one of my top 3 books this year!!! I encourage you all to read this series, it wont disappoint!! 

Dont forget to enter the giveaway below!!


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Author Bio:

Heather Lyons has always had a thing for words—She’s been writing stories since she was a kid. In addition to writing, she’s also been an archaeologist and a teacher. Heather is a rabid music fan, as evidenced by her (mostly) music-centric blog, and she’s married to an even larger music snob. They’re happily raising three kids who are mini music fiends who love to read and be read to.

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Monday Inspiration: Turning 25

This is more reflection that inspiration. 

When I started this blog back in January  a part of it dealt with the fact that on Thursday I will be turing 25. For some reason, I am really having issues with 25. It doesn't make sense, I get that. 25 is still young. But I think I might be having a quater life crisis. And this is where it is stemming from..

Like many young twenty somethings, I often find myself not knowing really where I belong.

 I feel torn about what my expectations were at 25 and the reality of the situation  I really thought I would have figured it out by now. (I am such a hard critic of myself. Seriously, it's bad.)  I would have had an awesome job, a dog, and not living in a tiny apartment. I would be traveling the world, kicking ass and taking names. I don't want kids any time soon but I am constantly surrounded by conversations about babies. Now dont get me wrong, I am happy for friends and family who are working towards their goals and dreams of having families. I just tend to tune out most conversations about baby products or I jump on facebook to see friends seeing the world and doing really awesome things and thinking, that should be me.

And here I am. Doing what? Going to school still. Waiting another year to just decide what to do. Still waiting for the end of the light at the tunnel. And I am not a patient person. D is always great about it, always telling me positive things. In so many ways, he really is my home.

But I dont know. 25. What do you do with that? It makes me want to be reckless, it makes me want to go and make mistakes. I feel like I need to cling to this time when I can do things like this but I also want to move forward and not stress about money, or missing out because I work late nights or not seeing D because we have such different schedules.

Often times I have to tell myself that who the hell really knows what they want or who they are at 25? Maybe it's hard because where I live, most people by 25 have at least 2 kids. Maybe it's hard because most of my friends are a little bit older than me and settling into a more stable life.  Maybe it's hard because I get offended when I get scoffed for staying up late and sleeping in, for drinking a bottle of wine just because or when I don't show the correct emotion. Maybe it's hard because I just want to go out and have fun, to just be. Responsibilities and decorum be damned.

Some things help, I have been writing a lot more. Getting thoughts out on paper (or computer) helps sort out the mess in my head. I take time for myself and do simple things I love. I try really really hard not to get offended by how people react to what I do, knowing that we are all at different points in our lives. I vent. I listen to loud music and I speak my mind. I go outside and find quiet. And it is not to say that I am not happy. I love D and we do a lot of fun things. I am content with my life just at a point of ready to move on to the next thing.

As Alex Clare says, I guess I just got to keep going on.....

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Thursday's Reads: Summer Reads

Summer is the perfect time to lay in the warm sun and get lost in a book. I have made a list of my favorite summer reads. While I might live in landlocked Idaho, there is just something about the ocean that calms my soul. I love reading books that are set around the beach. Here of some of my favorites! 

I read these books when I was in high school and even today they are still some of my favorite reads. Nora Roberts is the queen of Romance. I fell in love with this family that Roberts writes about. They love they have in these books are contagious and is heartfelt. I think everyone should read these books. :) 

These books are just fun. They are YA with Camie, the main character, being only 15. At first, it was hard for me to get into but the more I read the more I feel in love with these characters. A perfect fun summer read with some crazy interesting characters. 

I really hate when I get stuck on an island, but If I had a companion like T.J. I wouldn't mind ;) This book tells the tale of two people stranded and how they survive the hot endless summer days. What happens when paradise turns into your prison? 

Really, any Nicholas Sparks books are perfect summer reads. But for some reason I really like The Last Song. Yes, I know it was written to made into a movie and for Miley Cyrus no less, but I just really liked it. Careless summer reading at its best. 

What would you add to this summer reading list?? 

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So you want to be a chic chick rocker...

If you listen to the radio you hear countless females belting out top forty hits like Pink, Kelly Clarkson, and some other's I can't think of right now. But then there are some females who rock it and have their own flair of amazingness. Today, I will be highlighting some non top forty strong females. Check it. Love it. Share it. 

I don't think there is a bad Neko Case song. Seriously. This girl can belt it with her smokey voice and her lyrics that are beautiful and bizarre. One of her songs is literally about a tornado. Her music is part country, part folk, part indie. This girl has been making music since 1997 and has been in the band The New Pornographers. Her songs are perfect for hot summer days and driving with the windows down. My three top songs: Hold On, Hold On, Star Witness, The Train from Kansas City 

Regina Spektor is a native to New York in the anti-folk scene but was born in Russia. A talent on the piano, her songs are quirky and fun. Her lyrics are thought felt and sometimes are so different you can't help but love them. I listened to Regina Spektor a lot when I was 18. Her songs were a favorite of a friend of mine and I had many road trips home that first year of college jamming out to Regina Spektor in my beloved Dodge Neon. My top three songs: On The Radio, Samson, Don't Leave Me

Florence and the Machine has been a favorite ever since I heard Cosmic Love on a season of So You Think You Can Dance. She is a bit more mainstream, you hear her songs on the radio but she really is talented. Her songs have such immense power behind them, wether it be in the lyrics, pitch or sound. Even her quietest songs are pieces of art. Her songs evoke emotion and passion and I often find myself listening to her during times when I'm writing  because her songs are just that moving. My top three songs: Cosmic Love, My Boy Builds Coffins, What the Water Gave Me-Demo 

Aimee Mann has been rocking out since the 80s, producing numerous albums. I randomly heard one her songs on pandora a few years back and I have really enjoyed her music. I even got to her see her in concert in Boise a few years back. I am mostly familiar with her album The Forgotten Arm, 2005. This album tells a story through out about a drug addicted boxer who returns from Vietnam. Each song tells a part of the story. Her music has a bit of a country vibe, but in all the good ways. My top three songs: Goodbye Caroline, Save Me, Little Bombs 

What Female artists do you love to listen to? 

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Tuesday Inspiration: Realizations and Experiences.

This is a day late but hey that is life lately.  I thought with school done I would have ALL this free time and I would spend my days reading and playing outside and frockling. Yet I have actually been working a lot and so has D. We both are lucky to get at least one day off a week if that. I actually took today off so I could get stuff done. I really like my internship and it is nice to be back serving, I missed it. (Crazy I know).

With internships you have the great ability to find out what you life and what you don't. I have come to the realization that in the work force I want to be my own boss. Right now, I am not sure exactly what that means and I have dreams and hopes that have nothing to do with my degree but at least this gives some kind of direction.

Also have I mentioned that when people ask what I want to do with degree it is a silly question? First, the economy sucks and I am at the point where I would take really any job. Second, I am in my mid twenties. I thought that was suppose to change every other month. (news flash, it does.) So the fact that I want to be my own boss one day, I think that is a pretty big step. I think that is more than most know.

In the end, I really dont know what I want to do when I graduated  I have dreams and ideas. Some go with my degree, others dont. I want to travel, I want to write, I want to read and love.

I want to experience. Isn't that really the end goal regardless?

P.S. Congrats to all my friends and their upcoming and new 'experiences' Love you girls.

Amos Lee to brighten your Tuesday.

But sometimes, 
We forget what we got, 
Who we are.
 Oh who are are not. 
I think we gotta chance, 
To make it right. 
Keep it loose, 
Keep it tight. 
Keep it tight.

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Thursday's Reads: Sweet Thing by Renee Carlino

I love to read as you can tell by my book reviews but I figured if I dedicated one day a week to it I would be more likely to actually write about all the amazing books I read. So each Thursday will be some bookish post. It might be a review, or a list of books to read, or a playlist with a book. Today I am writing a review for Sweet Thing by Renee Carlino. 

Blurb from Goodreads: 

Mia Kelly is a twenty-five-year-old walking Gap ad who thinks she has life figured out when her father’s sudden death uproots her from slow-paced Ann Arbor to New York City’s bustling East Village. There she discovers her father’s spirit for life and the legacy he left behind with the help of an old cafĂ©, a few eccentric friends, and one charming musician. Will Ryan is good-looking, poetic, spontaneous, and on the brink of fame when he meets Mia, his new landlord, muse, and personal heartbreaker. A story of self-discovery and friendship, Sweet Thing shines light on the power of loving and letting go

A Playlist: 

This book was amazing. It's a simple fact. It was a type of book that I just love, a simple sweet love story between two people just trying to figure out life. Add that with the element of music and I was sold.

The book is called Sweet Thing which I can only assume is based off of Sweet Thing by Van Morrison. That alone made me so happy. Mostly because I am a huge Van Morrison fan. Sweet Thing played at my weeding because it is one of my top Van Morrison Song he plays. All the music actually was great and was full of amazing artists I love (Nick Drake, Andrew Bird, Bon Iver, Bob Dylan, The Smiths)

You have to teach your heart and mind how to sing together...then you'll hear the sound of your soul

The book starts with a pretty interesting prologue, I thought it was so creative how Carlino goes about it and wonder if there was any truth in that small glimpse before the story starts. I was sold on Will from the get go and his quirky personality. It was a great view of fate and how love can heal and bring strength.

Like the rest of us, she will have to learn the hard way that we are not always in control. Sometimes it takes the love of others to show us who we really are. 

There were so many great moments in this book. When Will plays and sings Sweet Thing to Mia,  I melted. It was one of the most cherished beautiful moments in the book for me. I instantly fell in love with the characters and the depth of their emotion.

We've got this, you and me, remember...mystical alchemy

This book was more than just a love story too, it was a story of Mia trying to find out where she really belonged as well as giving up the ideal notions of where her life could go. Her ideal and her reality are different and sometimes that is hard to deal with. Add that with the gorgeous Will and his easy and loving ways, things get complicated. Mia is trying to steer away from complicated, but sometimes you just have to realize that life is complicated and what best way to go through it then with someone loving  along for the ride. 

Overall, this is easily one of my top books of the year. I couldn't but it down and I didn't want it to end. I was happy with the ending, happy to see the HEA rather than more heartbreak. These two deserved all the good in the world. 

And because I loved this book so much I am giving away a Kindle Ebook version of Sweet Thing away!! Giveaway ends Sunday night (6/16) at Midnight. 

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So you want to be a nomad and live in the mountains...

I noticed that if I had a set day where I wrote certain blog posts I was more likely to follow through. Which is why I have decided to introduce two new features.

The first is something that I hope to write every Wednesday. It is a list of handful of songs or artists that go along with the title. Like this week I am exploring the moody nomads who like to create amaze-balls music as they seclude themselves in the wild. Tomorrow, Thursday, I will introduce the next feature! So below check the first Music Wednesday

First up is Bon Iver, who is actually known as Justin Vernon. After going after a solo career and hiding away in a remote cabin in Wisconsin for a winter, he produced the indie hit For Emma, Forever Ago. His music is a quite melody of strength and beauty. His songs at times can only be a whisper but the words he sings can create such emotion that you can't help but sit and listen. I found Bon Iver only a few years ago and it is a musician that I listen to frequently. My top three songs: Michicant, Blood Bank,  For Emma 

Next up is Radical Face, who is artist Ben Cooper. I was introduced to Radical Face with his 2007 album Ghost. This album was Cooper creating songs about stories that could found in the old creaking floors of houses. I love this. Every house has a story and what better way to tell it by song. And the best part was that not every song was full of simple ghosts stories  some are full of heat and murder and creative lyrics that tell very graphic tales. The album is more than just Copper singing a song, it is a mix of lyrics and tunes and creaking floorboards and heavy sounding instruments. It is more than music, it is an experience. Cooper wrote this album in an old tool shed behind his house.
My top three songs: Welcome Home Son, Wrapped in Piano Strings, Along the Road.

I was a freshmen in college when I stumbled upon Ray Lamontagne. In 1999 he recorded 10 demo songs while working part time as a tutor and a shoemaker. By 2004, his first album Trouble was released  His second album Till The Sun Turns Black was released in 2006. I listened to this album almost exclusively during Spring Break 2007 while I was in New Orleans helping after Hurricane Katrina. His music is the perfect music to get completely lost in. I found it perfect to listen to this album and just feel the music that Lamontagne ever so elegantly sings. I am not sure exactly where he recorded these songs but I could totally see it somewhere remote. Because when it comes down to it, some of this beautiful music must be created in the simplicity and quiet of non existence. My three favorite songs: Be Here Now, Empty, Hold You In My Arms 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Inspiration: The Quiet of Home

"Home is wherever I am with you"

Hiking Up City Creek. Pocatello, ID 

In my internship I get the lovely duty of pretty much judging Pocatello, or at least a part of the city.

And I realized that Pocatello was really weird.

Some of the nicest roads are in the poorest neighborhoods and some nice houses had either no sidewalks or were on streets of crack filled roads. I found (as in if you didn't drive that road, you wouldn't have ever known it was there.) a greenway that was called the industrial greenway. I feel like that statement is an oxymoron. I shook my head at the odd way Pocatello tries to mesh its industrial past with its goal of making it more green and "community" like. It's a nice idea but Pocatello still has a long way to go. You would think that with a university in in the town, there would be more of an abundance of hip places to hang out and cute kitschy neighborhoods where all the young kids live. That is the problem with Pocatello. There is a university  but a university that is full of non traditional  students. Many older students and families go to ISU and so there is always a battle, I think, between the different groups of people. Plus adding the ultra conservate population and it becomes a city where it is difficult to get things accomplished  (Pocatello, JUST passed a non discrimination ordinance last week)

As seen in the rant above, it gets easy to quickly spiral down into a negative attitude. See I have lived in Pocatello for six years. It was only suppose to be 3 as I finished my degree but a husband and a great group of friends later, I am still here. And I have at least another year before D and I have an opportunity to either address the question of moving.

 I am a person who gets antsy. I want to explore and move and see the world. I want to live in a city where there is an abundance of diversity and culture and live music and great food and places to hike and.... you see where I am going here. I yearn for a city full of life and culture.

And then I went on vacation and I found out the following things.

1. Everywhere is a little bit weird. Seriously. No city or town or village is perfect. There is either too much traffic or people or open spaces....again it is easy to find the bad.

2. While I was gone I missed the slow paced living that Pocatello offers. The quiet sunday evenings playing disc golf that is only minutes away with no traffic. The amazing and genuine group of friends that is diverse within itself, but still extremely opening and loving group of people. The simplicity of Pocatello.

3. While I want to have those things, the culture of a larger city, I would be gaining those things  but losing the non existence traffic, the easy living and the quiet peace my city in the hills.

So in the end, I dont know if Pocatello is where I will settle down in but at least I have some idea of what I do want. And really Pocatello wouldn't be the worse thing to hunker down and live our life.

The gist of this Monday's Inspiration  It is easy to find the negative in really any situation but there is great strength is finding the positive in different situations.

A song that came on when I was writing this. I found it fitting.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Experiment In Terror Reading Challenge: The Dex Files (EIT 5.7)

Welcome to week 5 of the EIT Reading Challenge!!

If you have no idea what I am talking about you can check it out here.

If you are here to discuss The Dex Files , welcome!!!!

Goodreads Blurb: 

The truth is out there... The Dex-Files is a compilation novel that accompanies the Experiment in Terror Series and is not to be-read as a stand-alone. In the Dex-Files we find a variety of scenes and chapters from the enigmatic Dex Foray's POV from books #1-6 in the series. Some of these scenes have been previously published, albeit from Perry's POV, while other scenes are completely new. In addition to it not being a stand-alone, the novel also contains some major spoilers and should be read only by those who have read all the published books in the series.

Finally, we get to look into Dex's head and the crazy things going on. The above is a short playlist with a few songs for your listening pleasure.

The first song in this playlist play perfectly when they are trapped in the asylum and Dex asks Perry that one questions that ends up as well as the crucial moment at the end of The Lying Season. Getting into Dex's head gives a view into how he really feels about Perry, Jenn (ick) and all the other inappropriate things he loves to say! :)

Below is a few lyrics from the above playlist that shows the Dex/Perry Dyanmic.

All I Want by Kodaline

All I want is nothing more, 
 To hear you knocking at my door, 
Cause if i could see your face once more, 
I could die as a happy man I'm sure. 

Our Hearts are Wrong by Jessica Lea Mayfield

my self-esteem is heating up the room 

 you're intimidating as all hell 
 but I ain't scared of you 

 I know how you work
 I am just like you 
 no matter what you say 
 our hearts are wrong our hearts are wrong 

 love has brought me down
 like love's been known to do 
 I try to deny with all my heart
 that I'm in love with you

Love Love Love by Of Monsters and Men 

So I think it's best we both forget before we dwell on it

 The way you held me so tight all through the night
 It was near morning

No Rest by Dry the River

But then you came, a single cell 

With astrolabe and carousel 
And algebra and symmetry 
And none of this was lost on me 
And I could see how still I'd been before 

I loved you in the bed 
 loved you in the best way possible 
I loved you in the bed
My favorite quotes
 from the book:

"She was a curious little thing, but something about her made me nervous. Wary. Like she could be even more dubious that I was. Like she a million secrets to tell and I would never hear any of them. Whoever she was."

"I'd never stop saving her."

“I was head over heels in love with her. No, that didn’t describe it. I was tear my fucking heart out and throw it at her, beg her to take it into hers. I was falling from the greatest heights with no safety net below. I was giving everything of my own life for hers, giving up every inch of my soul so she could wear it proudly. I was a former king on my knees in front of the queen. A jester begging for a chance. I was powerless, helpless and at her mercy.” 

"She was mine. For the sake of appearances, she was my wife, but she was mine anyway. She didn’t know it yet, but I did. It was wrong and it made no sense, but she belonged with me. No one else, not anyone else.” 

This book we get to see the inside of the infamous Dex Foray. We get to see things from his POV and even some bonuses scenes from the past.

What did you think of this novella??

Thanks My Book Muse for putting on this awesome reading challenge!

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Adventuring: The West

For your listening pleasure, here is a quick playlist of based on our trip! Take a listen!!

 D and I had wanted to go see my family that lives in Southern California for a few years now. I have always gone done to see family, never really as a tourist and always with a parent. So when my cousin got engaged last year we figured it would be a perfect time to go down there. We decided to make it an epic 11 day road trip. So our Quest for Narnia continued in this trip. Did we find it? Hmmm close...but the quest continues. More world to see!!

We first went down to Carson City to see my brother and his family. Here I was able to show D where I grew up, when I went to school and the house my dad built. We also spent some time in Lake Tahoe. We then headed up to Humboldt Redwood State Park to camp. We didn't want to take the freeway, knowing that once we hit southern California, freeway would be the only thing we would be seeing, so we up a bit north from Reno and across the state on HWY 36. What was suppose to be a 7 hour trip turned into 10 hours in the car. I kind of knew that we would be going on some mountainous roads (which is cool I would rather drive a mountain pass than a crowded freeway) but I had NO idea what we were about to see. The sign with the curves on it that said windy roads for the 142!!!(No. Shit.) should have been a dead giveaway. It was a beautiful drive though, crazy intense turns and heights and what not but totally beautiful.

After camping in the Redwoods we went down to San Francisco  I should preface that while I am not totally naive in the city and have been to a large city a time or two (or more) I still prefer the quiet of my  small Pocatello. I just dont know if I am cut out for city life. We then drove down the amazing Hwy 1 on some crazy twisty roads, but oh so worth it of the amazing views. After some quality time with family and a beautiful wedding (Congrats Devin and Alex!) we headed back home. We drove through Vegas and up Utah, stopped at Bryce Canyon and finally made it home on Memorial Day.

D and I had a blast, we loved seeing family and we loved camping in such beautiful places! It was nice for just the two of us to embark on this adventure. Beware, below is a ton of pictures. Enjoy!

Lake Tahoe 

Lake Tahoe. My Hermione Hair. 

Just one of the amazing views on this crazy 142 mile windy road. 

Humboldt Redwoods State Park 


San Francisco 

San Fran

Beach in Pacific, CA 

HWY 1 

Bixby Canyon Bridge 

Hwy 1 by Plaskett Creek Campground 

Pacific Ocean 

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Inspiration: Connectiveness

"Oh the places you will go..." Dr. Seuss
Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah May 2013

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah 2013

I am finally back from my whirlwind road trip! Well ok I got back last week but between work and what not, I havent really havent had any free time. So it goes. I plan talking more about my trip but today is about inspiration and connectiveness.

I took a class this spring about global environmental history. In it we read a book about Humboldt who was an explorer during the 19th century. There is a lot named after in the west since this was mainly where he explored. His idea was based on the premise of the cosmos, that everything is connected. That we, as humans, are not a separate entity when it comes to nature but rather we a part of it. In this book it talks about Humboldt County in Nevada. I was able to drive through in the beginning on our trip, and no worries you aren't missing much. It is basically a lot of nothingness. 

At least that was my first thought, nothingness. But by looking at it again it is more than nothingness but rather everything. It was such a large open space that it is almost impossible to understand the hugeness of being just a small person in this large world. 

You can land for miles and miles. At this point in the trip I was driving and D was sleeping in the passenger seat. It was very calming, to see the vast land and understand the small part you play.

But then you look at the flip side. The above picture we took at the end of our trip at Bryce Canyon National Park.* Inspiration Point was one of the areas where you could go and overlook the park, it was absolutely  magnificent. And I started to think about what inspires me? I thought of books and music that I have encountered in my life but then the question started to morph into who inspires me. Because it is one thing to be inspired by the land around you, it makes you look at yourself, the role you play in this large world. But when you look at the people around you, those who inspire you every day, you start to see how everything really is connected. 

Some days it seems that you are only a small person in a large nothingness. And other days you look at the people who bring smiles you to your, who inspire you to be a better person, you begin to see how you are a vital part in this crazy big world that at times can see too big to handle. 

This week I ask, who or what inspires you?

*Ever since I have taken this National Parks class I just want to visit all the parks!! Which is hard because there is almost 500 different park units in the U.S. Maybe one day....

I leave you today with a quiet song....

"but we all walk blindy when we stagger and we strut 
and we're all dealt the hands with the cards of our luck 
and we all bow down silent
 and the words are awe struck 
by the shameless light of the broken afternoon"