Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Quest for Narnia

For our first anniversary, D and I went to Utah and we went to Timpanogo's Cave. It was a hike to the caves and it was a great time. This trip spurred on our quest for "Narnia" and it really started with this photo
I said to D, "Hey this looks like a gate you would find in Narnia, I feel like I am entering into a different world." And this went on for the rest of the trip, we kept trying to find "Narnia"
And then trip after trip it stuck. For D and I it means trying to find that place in this crazy world that is full of calm, peace, and serenity. Where the beauty and magic of a place feels all encompassing. 
We have found some pretty awesome Narnia-esque areas including the following: 

(Red Fish Lake, Summer 2012. And my ever changing hair)
Bridge to Narnia??? This was the second photo which propelled our quest. Utah, Alpine Look
Hells Roaring Lake, October 2012. Central Idaho. You can still see the smoke from the fires.
D. Hells Roaring Lake. October 2012 
This picture sums up the beauty and calm of this area. Hell Roarings Lake.
Cascades Nature Habitat,  Utah by Alpine Loop. August 2012
Pocatello, Feb 2013. Home. 

Jackson Lake. March 2013.

This is Narnia after the evil witch visits. A snow covered Narnia. Cache Day Area, Jackson. March 2013

Cache Day Area, Jackson March 2013

Snow Covered Grand Tetons. March 2013. 
D and I love our adventures and love trying to find those perfect places, plus we are excited to see new and wonderful things. It might seem silly but it is fun to document. I hope to continue to share our quest for Narnia in future adventures!!!


  1. LOVE these pics! May I throw the Smokies in there? Maybe as a future adventure? A certain blogger friend lives 20 mins away. ;-)

  2. Thank you!! And Yes we will keep that in mind :) Sounds like a great adventure


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