Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our Trip to Jackson, WY

D and I went to Jackson Hole, WY over spring break so I could do research in the park. If you missed the post about why we went you can check it out here. We got there on Sunday and I was like. Why are these roads closed?? It was Hill Climbs, and I didn't even think about that. Someone on my FB even was like oh hey look at me I am at the Hill Climbs. I was oh thats nice. Yep didn't even put it together. So the town was pretty busy that Sunday but by Monday everyone cleared out.

Monday we got up pretty early and headed to the park. It was -1 out and there was still about 4 of 5 feet of snow. A lot of the park was also still closed so I wasn't able to head to Jenny Lake where some of these structures were that I was researching. But I was able to meet with the curator of the park and got to look at some primary sources of a few photobooks that were great! I love primary sources. I was totally in my element as I transported myself into another world. We drove around the parts of the park that were open, got some great pictures. The next day I headed to the Jackson Hole Historical society and got to use their archives library. Again, got some great pictures and everyone was so helpful both at the archives library and the park.

When I wasn't doing research I enjoyed our mini vacation. I say by the fire, read about 6 books that week. We went to a little day area and did some light hiking (yes, in the snow) and just enjoyed the quiet. I knew once school got back in things would get hectic with me starting my new internship, the last month of school, and oh I am in a team 5k at the end of the month. Yep, pretty hectic.

Here are some pictures from our trip :)

A snow covered Jackson Lake

Me in front of the Tetons

D at Jackson Lake 

View from the Jackson Lake Dam 

Love this boy :)

Palisades. This is actually only a few miles from my home town :) 

Doing Research
Hard at work :) 

View from our room. 

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