Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Monday (though it's really Tuesday and you will probably read this on Wednesday) Inspiration: Honesty

"It is not what you ARE that is holding you back, it is what
 you think you are NOT" -Robin Sharma

If you were to ask what my best and worst quality is, it would be the probably be the same. Im a very honest person, to a point where it has gotten me in trouble. :) I also have no filter. I try to be wholly honest with myself. If I do something wrong I try to be the first to admit it and correct the situation  I hate doing things wrong if I have the capability to be it correctly.  I try to call myself on my bullshit and I try to have open communication with those who are in my life. I am a horrible liar as well, which means it is hard to keep secrets and and I could never lie to those who are close to me.

But at the same time I think that if I am honest with myself, I should be honest with others. Some might call that be a bit bitchy. Sigh. It's a dilema. So I am constantly working on shutting my mouth and only giving my honest opinion when I know people want to hear it (though that doesn't mean I am always successful).

When I was thinking about writing this over the weekend I thought I would say the things that I honestly thought about myself. They included things like: Honestly, I could work out more and watch what I eat. Honestly I could work more and bring in more money. Honestly, I should be a better wife and do more housework and cooking. Honestly.....

But then I watched the video above today. And my thoughts were....well....eff.

Because I realized that there is a difference between HONEST with yourself and having insecurities.

We ALL have insecurities and we always want what others have, whether it be their awesome jobs, or the fact they can wear a smaller size than you or the kids you desperately want (NOT me on that one. No kids for this girl). But you get what I am saying.

Or you think that by the age of almost 25 you should have had it all figured it out by now. You should be in a country saving people. Making the world a better place. You should have fabulous jobs where you trail blaze your way through life.

And it's hard to realize that honestly, you have so much GOING for you but you still cant see it.....

So Instead I am trying to be honest with myself by saying:

Honestly, you are loved by many who support you
Honestly, you aren't alone and you dont have to hold the world on your shoulders.
Honestly, you do the best you can do and that's enough. It's more than enough.
Honestly, you are perfect the way you are, even unfiltered :)

Honestly your passion fuels your goals and you will get there....some roads are just longer than others.

So this. This is me calling me on my bullshit. My insecurities. My dishonest truths.

I encourage you call out your honest moments, watch the video and see how those honest statements change. They changed for me.

And of course a song. Currently playing is this song....

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