Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Inspiration: Busy Bee/Goals

You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star

Today's Monday Inspiration is going to short and sweet, mostly because I am trying to bust this post out before I have to go to work. But generally this week I am focusing on the fact that I am busy. The next two weeks in school is dead week and finals and in those short two weeks I have to accomplish two 15 page papers, a poster with my GIS project, and 2 finals. Plus work about 20 hours each week. 

So If I am quite on the blog, thats why. I am slaving away to the Grad School Gods. But I am proud to say I finished my first 5k this Saturday with these awesome girls above!! It was a fundraiser for a local nonprofit I did a internship with last winter (Support Local!!!) and I had a BLAST. I was covered in soup, glitter, and flour by the time  I was done but it was such a fun time. 

I was proud that I set the goal to do this 5K and I did!!! I have other goals for this summer and I can't wait to finish those too. Some are a bit easy like participating in a few more 5K and some are a bit a goal that I have had in my mind for years and I am finally committing to it. Stay tuned for that one later on in the summer (I am hoping you all keep me committed to this!) 

I DO have the some exciting things though in the next few weeks. A reading challenge I am participating in and will have more info about later this week, a few ARCs I am pumped to read, a post about volunteering/local ideas based on some really cool things I learned this semester in school. 

So stay tuned. And today I am sharing my writing playlist with you guys. Since that will be taking most of the time the next few weeks, take a listen!!

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