Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Inspiration: Earth Day!

We cannot discover new oceans unless we have the courage to lose sight of the shore

Alpine Loop, Utah

I am studying environmental administration and my husband is a geologist. Earth Day is kind of our thing. D and I went to see the documentary Chasing Ice last night at ISU's theater. In my education I have been informed about the receding ice caps but this movie was even more eye opening. If you watch this and don't believe in global warming/climate change....well....I don't even know. I honestly don't understand how people can think that there isn't a problem. Because there is, a huge problem that if we do not try to deal with it will be left in the hands of our children and their children and the problem will only get bigger. 
Now I am not here to say that you must become what some might call a "hippie" (Which PS in the historical sense, it is a bit of an offensive term.) But what I am saying is that in our nation, we tend to separate ourselves into two distinct categories  Call them what you want, Democrat/Republican. Conservative/Liberal. Us/them. Whatever. The labels don't matter. What matters is that once we separate them, we tend to see things as black and white. That the "other" side is wrong your side is "right" 

This leads us to be a fractioned country. When in all reality we need to STFU and work with one another. Each side is an umbrella holding many many different people with different ideas. I bet if you looked under the umbrella you would find some amazing people on both sides. 
I believe (as in my opinion so can it if you think it's offensive) that one side of the spectrum can't fix these problems. It HAS to be a joint effort. Each "side" has different things to bring to the table and working together amazing solutions could be found. 

But, sadly this country is STILL debating theoretical/philosophical  notions that probably don't have a right answer. Hey guess what, other countries have already figured this stuff out and have moved forward. We need to move past this if we ever want to have a sustainable future for our children. 

And the funny thing, is that I get it. People need jobs, food, shelter. I have lived in the rural areas my whole life, went to school right along with farmers and ranchers and blue collar workers. I am not saying hey only eat organic food and compost your trash. I am saying, put your differences aside and try to find a solution that works for everyone. 

Naive, probably.

But I do know what will put you in a good mood. Josh Ritter. (I am on a kick today!)

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