Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Break!

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If everything goes according to plan ( and it probably wont, lol) this is possible my LAST spring break. So, what pray tell, do I plan to do during this glorious week off??? Well I am doing research of course! And lets throw work in that mix as well. :)

I am taking two classes that work well with each other this semester. The first is a historical geography of National Parks and the other is a intro to ArcGIS. Living in Pocatello I am really lucky with my surroundings. Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park are both only a few hours away me plus a few other such as Craters of the Moon as well as some of the great places in the west that attract many visitors (Jackson Hole, Sun Valley).

I am doing a project for these two classes where I am taking a time period (1933-1948) and I am looking at the cultural evolution in Grand Teton National Park. I am specifically looking at what the Civilan Conservation Corps (CCC) did during this time period. I am using ArcGIS to map out the specific trails and buildings they built.

I find that this project captures many of my interests. My masters focuses on Public Admin and well what is more public than the CCC plus I love history. I find history is like a really good book, a story that needs to be told. Many people might look at history as boring, as dates and a few people you need to remember. I find there is more to history than simple dates and places. It is a story of the actions of humans that is fueled by passion. There is deceit, hope, love, fear, and joy all interwoven into this landscape of a population. And in these projects I get giddy as I discover new things, as I make progress because it is like I am discovery and solving this mystery in time.

Nerdy? Definitely. Rewarding? Oh yes.

I plan on taking lots of pictures and updating through the break about all the cool things I find out. For those who are also enjoying a week off, have fun and be safe!!

I will be posting to Instagram and Twitter so follow me on our adventures!

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