Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Unknown Journey

As I have mentioned before D and I have been in the midst of trying to figure out some things for the upcoming summer. Now, for the most part, I am not really a fan of the unknown. I like to have a plan or know what I am doing. I have been quiet because  some opportunities have arisen for me and I am excited  to say that I will be spending the summer working as an intern for a local non profit here in Pocatello that focuses on neighbored revitalization and other housing ventures! PLUS I get paid for it (in the world of internships I find this to be super sweet!)

D has applied for a few internships as well for the summer. Next fall  he has only one class to finish his degree and if everything falls into place I will be finishing my Masters of Public Administration next fall as well. And then we will BOTH be done with school and hopefully ready to move on to step

Which it is important to say, is a long time coming. D and I both started college right after high school in Fall 2006 and now, what 7 years later, we are still chugging along. It has been a long journey and one we have done on our own. We both have loving supportive families but we both have accomplished school pretty much on our own, working and going to school full time to further our education.

 And when I say hopefully I mean I hope to the higher being of whoever looks over us because what was suppose to be a three year jaunt in Pocatello to get my degree has turned into a six year adventure and I am getting antsy to either move on or get a job! ha! And I feel that D is in the same boat.

When I went in for this internship I was of course asked the where do you see yourself in five years question. In a way I have a love hate relationship with this question. When I answered it I think I mumbled my way through it not really giving a definite answer, go me right? And then I leave and I think of the best answer!!! Because this is what I learned about the future. As much as I have plans or where I want to be, generally that never happens. I mean seriously people if you look at where you are now and where you thought you would be I bet those are two different ideas. And that is not to say wherever you are is bad. While I thought I would be exploring the world by now I am happily married and that of course I wouldn't change.

But if I could answer the question again this is what I would  say:

Simply. I want to make a difference in this world. Not sure how but I just have this feeling that I have the potential to really make a difference, small or big. Many times people have the feeling that they want the good life: they want to get married, find a house, have kids, get a good job ect. But for me while I did get married and maybe one day kids will be in the picture (though not any time soon), my goals have always been focused more on what I can do to make the world a better place.

In the end of this long, slightly rambling post, basically D and I are on a journey of a bit of the unknown, things change frequently and we are excited, kinda scared, and ready for whatever happens next. And I feel like this is the epitome of being in our mid 20s- not really having any idea what in the hell I am doing or what is next. :) Right?

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