Friday, March 15, 2013

The Darkness of Jonathan

*Spoilers* If you have not read these books, beware *Spoilers*
I should preface that I am all for Evan in this series, Evan and Emma belong together! But I was instantly drawn to Jonathan in this book. And man did I feel guilty about it. You can tell he has issues form the start and by the end of the book you think, wait can I really feel like this man has redeeming qualities? Can he really be saved or overcome his really really dark past???

"Jump, Emma", he commanded, his voice stern but nonthreatening

Emma and Jonathan both are dealing with heavy situations and Emma finds something familiar in Jonathan. Emma believes that she can talk to him, and he in return finds someone that calms him like no one else. 

"It was true. Until that moment I hand't realized what was happening. I was able to share the demons that wrestled with me in the night, and Jonathan understood in a way that no one else did. He was fighting with them himself, and that had drawn us together." 

I really hope that Rebecca Donovan writes his story because I think it would be absolutely riviting. I mean this character is deeply flawed but you want nothing but him to be redeemed. I found the interactions between Emma and Jonathan to be natural and sweet, you could see that he really did care for her but maybe his love was a bit misplaced. He saw her as a saving grace and I think that spot was already taken. I hurt for Evan in this book but felt guilty when Jonathan would be hanging with Emma rather than Evan, mostly because I craved Emmas and Jonathan's interactions. 

"A chill ran through me when I found myself caught in the depth of his eyes" 

I find that Jonathan is such a unique character out there and I haven't seen an author gone to the dark and depth of him. What do you think of this slightly controversial character for those who have read the series?? 

And when I think of him I think of this song. 

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