Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Team Warner

*Spoilers Ahead. If you have not read these books, be aware. Spoilers*
So I am just going to say it. Team Warner. Yep, I mean I like Adam well enough but there is just something about Warner that makes me say hey, you have some issues but I think your love for Juliette can really redeem you. 

"But right now everything tastes like romance and regret"

In Shatter Me, Warner is displayed as the man that takes Juliette away from her cell to use her as  a weapon in the war that is raging in this dystopian world. He is cruel and hard. He has a fascination with Juliette and the reader sees that this man has little to no mercy. 

But then. We get more into the mind of Warner and realize that he is doing what he has to. He has moments of mercy and thoughtfulness. And in a way, Warner knows who he is and doesn't have to apologize for it. 

"But I see layers, shades of gold and green and a person who's never been given a chance to be human and I wonder if I'm just as cruel as my own oppressors if I decide that society is right, that some people are too far gone, that sometimes you can't turn back, that there are people in this world who don't deserve a second chance and I can't I can't I can't
I can't help but disagree" 

He loves fiercely and this love coupled with the hate he has for his father fuels his need for change. But then there are moments when he reverts back to being Warner, the cruel man. Juliette is really the only one to make Warner realize that he can do good in the world and he doesn't have to accept his fate and the labels that have been given to him. Warner has spent a life without meaningful connections or love. He is cold because he had to be, showing emotion considered him weak. Mafi makes you understand why Warner is the way he is and you can't help to think that with love shown to him, he has the potential for great things.

"And I realize I don't want to be his enemy anymore"

Neither do I Juliette, Neither do I. 

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