Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Adventuring: The West

For your listening pleasure, here is a quick playlist of based on our trip! Take a listen!!

 D and I had wanted to go see my family that lives in Southern California for a few years now. I have always gone done to see family, never really as a tourist and always with a parent. So when my cousin got engaged last year we figured it would be a perfect time to go down there. We decided to make it an epic 11 day road trip. So our Quest for Narnia continued in this trip. Did we find it? Hmmm close...but the quest continues. More world to see!!

We first went down to Carson City to see my brother and his family. Here I was able to show D where I grew up, when I went to school and the house my dad built. We also spent some time in Lake Tahoe. We then headed up to Humboldt Redwood State Park to camp. We didn't want to take the freeway, knowing that once we hit southern California, freeway would be the only thing we would be seeing, so we up a bit north from Reno and across the state on HWY 36. What was suppose to be a 7 hour trip turned into 10 hours in the car. I kind of knew that we would be going on some mountainous roads (which is cool I would rather drive a mountain pass than a crowded freeway) but I had NO idea what we were about to see. The sign with the curves on it that said windy roads for the 142!!!(No. Shit.) should have been a dead giveaway. It was a beautiful drive though, crazy intense turns and heights and what not but totally beautiful.

After camping in the Redwoods we went down to San Francisco  I should preface that while I am not totally naive in the city and have been to a large city a time or two (or more) I still prefer the quiet of my  small Pocatello. I just dont know if I am cut out for city life. We then drove down the amazing Hwy 1 on some crazy twisty roads, but oh so worth it of the amazing views. After some quality time with family and a beautiful wedding (Congrats Devin and Alex!) we headed back home. We drove through Vegas and up Utah, stopped at Bryce Canyon and finally made it home on Memorial Day.

D and I had a blast, we loved seeing family and we loved camping in such beautiful places! It was nice for just the two of us to embark on this adventure. Beware, below is a ton of pictures. Enjoy!

Lake Tahoe 

Lake Tahoe. My Hermione Hair. 

Just one of the amazing views on this crazy 142 mile windy road. 

Humboldt Redwoods State Park 


San Francisco 

San Fran

Beach in Pacific, CA 

HWY 1 

Bixby Canyon Bridge 

Hwy 1 by Plaskett Creek Campground 

Pacific Ocean 

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

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