Wednesday, June 12, 2013

So you want to be a nomad and live in the mountains...

I noticed that if I had a set day where I wrote certain blog posts I was more likely to follow through. Which is why I have decided to introduce two new features.

The first is something that I hope to write every Wednesday. It is a list of handful of songs or artists that go along with the title. Like this week I am exploring the moody nomads who like to create amaze-balls music as they seclude themselves in the wild. Tomorrow, Thursday, I will introduce the next feature! So below check the first Music Wednesday

First up is Bon Iver, who is actually known as Justin Vernon. After going after a solo career and hiding away in a remote cabin in Wisconsin for a winter, he produced the indie hit For Emma, Forever Ago. His music is a quite melody of strength and beauty. His songs at times can only be a whisper but the words he sings can create such emotion that you can't help but sit and listen. I found Bon Iver only a few years ago and it is a musician that I listen to frequently. My top three songs: Michicant, Blood Bank,  For Emma 

Next up is Radical Face, who is artist Ben Cooper. I was introduced to Radical Face with his 2007 album Ghost. This album was Cooper creating songs about stories that could found in the old creaking floors of houses. I love this. Every house has a story and what better way to tell it by song. And the best part was that not every song was full of simple ghosts stories  some are full of heat and murder and creative lyrics that tell very graphic tales. The album is more than just Copper singing a song, it is a mix of lyrics and tunes and creaking floorboards and heavy sounding instruments. It is more than music, it is an experience. Cooper wrote this album in an old tool shed behind his house.
My top three songs: Welcome Home Son, Wrapped in Piano Strings, Along the Road.

I was a freshmen in college when I stumbled upon Ray Lamontagne. In 1999 he recorded 10 demo songs while working part time as a tutor and a shoemaker. By 2004, his first album Trouble was released  His second album Till The Sun Turns Black was released in 2006. I listened to this album almost exclusively during Spring Break 2007 while I was in New Orleans helping after Hurricane Katrina. His music is the perfect music to get completely lost in. I found it perfect to listen to this album and just feel the music that Lamontagne ever so elegantly sings. I am not sure exactly where he recorded these songs but I could totally see it somewhere remote. Because when it comes down to it, some of this beautiful music must be created in the simplicity and quiet of non existence. My three favorite songs: Be Here Now, Empty, Hold You In My Arms 

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