Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So you want to be a chic chick rocker...

If you listen to the radio you hear countless females belting out top forty hits like Pink, Kelly Clarkson, and some other's I can't think of right now. But then there are some females who rock it and have their own flair of amazingness. Today, I will be highlighting some non top forty strong females. Check it. Love it. Share it. 

I don't think there is a bad Neko Case song. Seriously. This girl can belt it with her smokey voice and her lyrics that are beautiful and bizarre. One of her songs is literally about a tornado. Her music is part country, part folk, part indie. This girl has been making music since 1997 and has been in the band The New Pornographers. Her songs are perfect for hot summer days and driving with the windows down. My three top songs: Hold On, Hold On, Star Witness, The Train from Kansas City 

Regina Spektor is a native to New York in the anti-folk scene but was born in Russia. A talent on the piano, her songs are quirky and fun. Her lyrics are thought felt and sometimes are so different you can't help but love them. I listened to Regina Spektor a lot when I was 18. Her songs were a favorite of a friend of mine and I had many road trips home that first year of college jamming out to Regina Spektor in my beloved Dodge Neon. My top three songs: On The Radio, Samson, Don't Leave Me

Florence and the Machine has been a favorite ever since I heard Cosmic Love on a season of So You Think You Can Dance. She is a bit more mainstream, you hear her songs on the radio but she really is talented. Her songs have such immense power behind them, wether it be in the lyrics, pitch or sound. Even her quietest songs are pieces of art. Her songs evoke emotion and passion and I often find myself listening to her during times when I'm writing  because her songs are just that moving. My top three songs: Cosmic Love, My Boy Builds Coffins, What the Water Gave Me-Demo 

Aimee Mann has been rocking out since the 80s, producing numerous albums. I randomly heard one her songs on pandora a few years back and I have really enjoyed her music. I even got to her see her in concert in Boise a few years back. I am mostly familiar with her album The Forgotten Arm, 2005. This album tells a story through out about a drug addicted boxer who returns from Vietnam. Each song tells a part of the story. Her music has a bit of a country vibe, but in all the good ways. My top three songs: Goodbye Caroline, Save Me, Little Bombs 

What Female artists do you love to listen to? 

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