Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Inspiration: The Quiet of Home

"Home is wherever I am with you"

Hiking Up City Creek. Pocatello, ID 

In my internship I get the lovely duty of pretty much judging Pocatello, or at least a part of the city.

And I realized that Pocatello was really weird.

Some of the nicest roads are in the poorest neighborhoods and some nice houses had either no sidewalks or were on streets of crack filled roads. I found (as in if you didn't drive that road, you wouldn't have ever known it was there.) a greenway that was called the industrial greenway. I feel like that statement is an oxymoron. I shook my head at the odd way Pocatello tries to mesh its industrial past with its goal of making it more green and "community" like. It's a nice idea but Pocatello still has a long way to go. You would think that with a university in in the town, there would be more of an abundance of hip places to hang out and cute kitschy neighborhoods where all the young kids live. That is the problem with Pocatello. There is a university  but a university that is full of non traditional  students. Many older students and families go to ISU and so there is always a battle, I think, between the different groups of people. Plus adding the ultra conservate population and it becomes a city where it is difficult to get things accomplished  (Pocatello, JUST passed a non discrimination ordinance last week)

As seen in the rant above, it gets easy to quickly spiral down into a negative attitude. See I have lived in Pocatello for six years. It was only suppose to be 3 as I finished my degree but a husband and a great group of friends later, I am still here. And I have at least another year before D and I have an opportunity to either address the question of moving.

 I am a person who gets antsy. I want to explore and move and see the world. I want to live in a city where there is an abundance of diversity and culture and live music and great food and places to hike and.... you see where I am going here. I yearn for a city full of life and culture.

And then I went on vacation and I found out the following things.

1. Everywhere is a little bit weird. Seriously. No city or town or village is perfect. There is either too much traffic or people or open spaces....again it is easy to find the bad.

2. While I was gone I missed the slow paced living that Pocatello offers. The quiet sunday evenings playing disc golf that is only minutes away with no traffic. The amazing and genuine group of friends that is diverse within itself, but still extremely opening and loving group of people. The simplicity of Pocatello.

3. While I want to have those things, the culture of a larger city, I would be gaining those things  but losing the non existence traffic, the easy living and the quiet peace my city in the hills.

So in the end, I dont know if Pocatello is where I will settle down in but at least I have some idea of what I do want. And really Pocatello wouldn't be the worse thing to hunker down and live our life.

The gist of this Monday's Inspiration  It is easy to find the negative in really any situation but there is great strength is finding the positive in different situations.

A song that came on when I was writing this. I found it fitting.


  1. Great post! It's so easy to pick out the negatives but Pocatello really is pretty wonderful :)

    1. Its true Julie, good thing I have such wonderful friends!!!


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