Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Inspirtation: Fit

My New Years resolution was to find the best in things, but that also requires to find the best in me. Along with being more positive, writing down my thoughts, and I want to be more active and more healthy. I focus in school on local sustainability and I have to be more honest with myself if I want to be true to what I believe. So I make sure I know what I am eating, even where it is coming from. I try to more active in my life so I have the capability to different things. So today be inspired to go out and be more active!!!

I have been lucky to have a great support group with my best girl friends. I am trying my hand at running and even days when it's hard (like today when I am pretty sure I have shin splints) I know that things are never easy, so I take the small strides I accomplish and look forward to more.

This song is what I am listening while running, or being active. Love it!
And while I would usually give a quote or something, I feel when it comes to being fit, there are some serious stupid stuff out there. Like being fit doesn't feel as good as eating something? False. Some food is just super tasty and not healthy. SO I encourage you to find a quote that inspires you! Because it's you that has to do the work.

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