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Music Wednesday: Artist Spotlight: Folly and the Hunter

Not only do I have some spectacular songs to share with you Folly and the Hunter was nice enough to answer some questions for me! Check it out below!
Folly and The Hunter
    Full Bio (And really you should read it because not only is it eloquent but far better than what I can say about them) can be found here: 
But the jest of the link is a band from Montreal, Canada that has two albums out. The band consists of singer Nick Vallee, Chris Fox, and Laurie Torris. I belive they said it best on their website when they state: "Folly and the Hunter also conveys the beauty in the breakdown, and the determination to keep the faith in the face of life’s bittersweet nature" This plays through their songs in their album Tragic Care 
Sounds Like: If you like bands such as, Bon Iver, Radical Face, or The Decembrists I highly suggest you take a look at this band. Actually I highly suggest you look at this band regardless, but the above will give you an idea of their sound. 

My Thoughts: This band caught my attention with only a few notes. I was watching TV, which I rarely do. Honestly I was watching TV because I was waiting for a book to be released that night and I didn't want to start another one (I know-true nerd here) So I was catching up on one of my guilty pleasure shows, Awkward (MTV). In the end of an episode I hear only a few notes from the song Ghost on their Tragic Care album. I had to know who this band was! I looked it up and fell in love the song. I then proceeded to listen to the whole album, shout out how awesome they were to anyone who would listen, and put all the songs on repeat. Love, I tell ya, I fell in love. 

Not only are their songs beautiful  but the lyrics are magical as well. I am all for the songs that tell a story or have meaning behind them, it often makes the song more powerful. I find myself lost in their music, the notes and lyrics encompass me and my senses, bringing me to another world of tragedy and heartbreak as you listen to Folly and the Hunter. It is not only the lyrics but the magical arrangement of instruments, piano and guitar that gives their music another dimension of beauty.  There are times when a song or band takes you completely off guard with their talent and this was the case with Folly and the Hunter. I suggest you take a look! 

Folly and the Hunter was nice to answer some questions for me, check out their answers below to get to know this band! 

If you could sum up your album Tragic Care in five words or less what would they be?

For me it's the feeling of 'loss, recovery and the strength that follows'

What musical artists do you love? Or who influences you?

Sigur Rós
Bon Iver
Sufjan Stevens
The National
Loney Dear
Bombay Bicycle Club
 Plus so many more, we're constantly being amazed by the genius out there. I guess we like music that you can watch the world go by to.

 When you're not making amazing music what do you enjoy to do? 

 Phil is into videography and makes fantastic take away shows for bands that come though Montreal, you can find his work here Phil is also an avid fan of hot air ballooning. Nick sings in a posh synagogue choir and organizes board game nights now and again that we all enjoy. He enjoys kite surfing and wake boarding but isn't a fan of dogs or cats, they make him sneeze. He's currently working on a solo album which is sounding really promising. Laurie plays with a lot of Montreal artists either on drums or keys ( she's very talented ) but can be found in her down time designing cool logos or playing sports. She's one of those people who just seem to be good at everything, it's annoying ! I like to fish and play basketball but find myself in the studio a lot of the time recording. I shouldn't complain though, there are worst ways to make a living. We all like to bike and mostly travel around the city that way. It's actually as quick if not quicker than a car in the city. Go biking.

 What do you prefer, live shows or making albums in a studio?
 That's a question that will get different answers from different members, it's probably 50/50. You can really experiment in the studio and there is certainly a buzz but playing to a crowd of people that love your music is unbeatable.

 What is the best part about being a musician? 
Playing to people that dig what your creating and traveling around for free, seeing the world.

Thank You for answering my questions, it's always great to see the workings behind amazing music. Check out below their album Tragic Care and a music video :) 

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