Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts: Birthdays and Celebrations

Happy Birthday to my Husband! (Yesterday). We celebrated with good friends, good beer and lots of laughter! (And a cake I had to buy after I failed and made my husband the ugliest birthday cake ever. Though I bet it still tastes good.) 

Friday we had Date Night. D and I are so busy with work and school that if we don't set aside time together, we rarely spend any quality time together so we set aside twice a month time for date night.  I was in charge of the first one. We went to dinner and I planned  a pinterest worthy date. I threw some blankets in the back of my car and grabbed snacks and my laptop and the plan was to do a drive in movie dealy in the back of my car. We drove up Mink Creek and I had planned to park at parking area for a trailhead. D goes uh don't park by the one car there. I don't. Then he goes or by that one person standing there (it's dark at this point) and of course I can't see said person. Until I do. Then I was all sorts of creeped out. D tells me to keep driving, he thinks he knows a place. I realize as I am driving that I have no idea where this roads goes. So instead of watching a movie we just took a twilight drive through the mountains, ended in in Arbon Valley and drove the back country roads. We listened to loud music and sang at the top of our lungs and lets the cold summer air clear our heads. I love driving. Take drives with music playing in the background is one of the calming things for me. 

It was perfect, who needs Pinterest? While driving the sun had already set but there was a glimmer of light left over and with the smoke in the air from surrounding fires, there was a strip of a dark burgundy outlining the mountains and the stars peeking their way through the summer sky. I wish I was a painter so I could have captured it's beauty. 

Afterwards we stopped and grabbed some beer and played drinking games. I know a perfect date night that ends in drinking games. We kicked Date Night's ass. 

Tomorrow I have 2 (TWO!) super awesome things to share with you. I am SO excited about both of them :) 

Here is a little sneak peak about one of the awesome things I get to share. 

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