Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The First Day of Fall

This is me, not doing homework, such is life...And for the full effect of this post, I suggest listening to the song below. 

Part two of our Weekend Away to Salt Lake. We didn't really have any concrete plans on Sunday so DJ decided to show me Ogden Canyon, a beautiful drive he had made before on a geology seminar trip a year or so ago. We decided to not only go up the canyon but to follow the Ogden Scenic Byway up through Bear Lake and Soda Springs on the way home, eliminating the freeway almost entirely (which I love, I will always always pick to go off the beaten path rather than the normal. This I is due to many family vacations where we always picked the path less traveled. Thank you Mom and Dad for that.) 

We stopped right below the lake up the canyon and went on a little hike. We saw a creek below and climbed down and tried to get some pictures. D and I were trying to get a picture of us together, I think we got one good one and the others? They are pretty funny. And D, of course, was like "you can never show them to anyone" hahah! I giggled about one of the pictures the whole way back to the car and for the rest of the day. The drive was amazing, it was so gorgeous and the fall colors were just starting to change.

The road led us up over a pass and you could all of the valleys around. I had the song "Montezuma" by Fleet Foxes playing. Here is a fun fact about myself. I used to do Choir in High School and College. I had a love for hymnal type music. I am not religious but man I love some church songs (like the really old ones you might sing in a huge gothic type cathedral church), sometimes I only go to Midnight Mass during Christmas time for the music. 

On that Sunday drive with the serene valleys below us, the cool wind rushing through the windows, and "Montezuma" by Fleet Foxes playing. That was my church, that was my time to take in life at its more simplest perfect moment. I felt a wave of emotion in the three and half minutes of this song.  I took this moment, wrapped it up and stored it away for when I would need it, when things are hard and I can remember the perfection of the moment and feeling of complete peace that moment brought. Because you never know when you will need strength in this life. When those moments truly come in handy. If you plan to read my book, you will find (crazy enough) my main character, June, and I share this view.

We drove up by Bear Lake, took some great pictures and had a nice dinner outside. I looked over to DJ and told him how much I loved this weekend. I felt very blessed. The time with D was much needed and it nice to just be, to not have to worry about anything. It was nice to get lost in the changing trees and disconnect. I am thankful for the weekend of serenity, as life moves on in its ever changing frantic

pace. Check out below for pictures!


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