Monday, October 7, 2013

The Last Day of Summer

There are two things in the world I love more than anything. And Two weeks ago (I know...why did this take me so long to post!?!?!) I got to do both things! It just so happened it was the last day of summer and first day of fall when we spent the weekend in Salt Lake. So today is a post about the last day of summer. Of course below is for your listening pleasure:) 

For my birthday in June I asked for two things: A headlamp (Hey, they are super handy when camping) and concert tickets of my choice. So I waited and stalked concerts in Boise and Salt Lake and then I found our Stars was playing in Salt Lake. I did a happy dance! Have I told you how much I love this band and have since 2007? Well, if not it's true. Their albums are ones you can listen to over and over again and they never get old. Each song is a masterpiece of artwork as they lyrically and musically create these stories that grip you right in the heart and don't let go. 

So really, it was a no brainer. Tickets were bought and hotel was reserved. I was excited but the weekend was actually pretty perfect. We got to Salt Lake in the afternoon, checked into our hotel, and walked around downtown looking at the different Non-Mormon Churches, grabbed some beer, had a great dinner and headed to the concert venue. All walking by the way which I love, sometimes this country girl envisions living in a big city.

Now the concert venue was super small, which is great and I love! The opening band was a group called Highs Highs.  I don't know how many concerts I go to and I never know who the opening band is or I do but kinda/not really. This time I was prepared. I looked up who they were before the concert and listened to their songs in order to be prepared. 

And I must say- the High Highs are pretty damn cool. Their music reminds me a bit of bands such as Washed Out or Beach House. They are from Australia and have an album out called Open Season. I wish I would have taken a picture of the set up they had but I loved it! The red lighting with the lit up microphone stands and the small setting seemed so intimate and their music has a similar feel, this intimate sound that lingers in your body even after the song ends. You can easily close your eyes and take in their music as in encompasses your emotions and senses. Their music has all of these tones and voices working together for this magical melody of harmony. Music to get lost in and sometimes getting lost is the best way to experience music. 

After a great set by the High Highs, Stars came out to play. I think I say this every time I go to a concert but this was easily one of the best concerts I have ever been too. There is just something about live music, it takes you in this cocoon of sounds and encompasses your whole body, you cant help but succumb to the sounds filtering through every pore of your mind and soul. The music is so much, so MUCH you can't think of anything else except of the music. All of your worries float away and the music settles into you as you find escape from the life you live. It is one of my most favorite feelings in the world. I have experienced such great joy when I am listening to live music,  pockets of perfection. 
They played all my favorite songs, I sang along and felt every emotion the song brought out. 

One of the encore songs was called My Favourite Book which I believe I have highlighted at some point on this blog, but they played this song acoustically and listening to this love song, sitting next to my husband who I love so much (and the three drinks I had probably) I was brought to tears. 

So overall- it was AMAZING. I loved it. I lived it. I felt it. 

Until Next time Stars and High Highs!! Can't wait till you come back to Salt Lake City! 

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