Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Book Drive!!!

Last Christmas Eve. I am way too darn lazy to put the tree up this year. 
In the beginning of the semester, I quit my job. The one with the steady flow of cash. I was super excited for my research assistant job, I still love it!!! But there were of course a few drawbacks. One was well, I didn't make as much money and I knew from the get go I wouldn't be doing a lot of work once school would get out. That's like a month of not working and right during Christmas. I panicked. What was I going to do during Christmas? How was I supposed to get gifts for everyone? Hello Stress.

I decided then while it was still 80 degrees out, I simply wouldn't do Christmas this year. No tree. No gifts. No holiday cards. No madness. And for the most part, I'm sticking to it. Not having to worry about what to get D for Christmas or if he will like it, gone. Not having to buy gifts for friends and family and always spending too much money, gone. Not taking the tree out of our TINY and very full storage unit, don't have to worry about it. (though I will still have to get my snow tires out....sigh, can't win them all) Nor will I be swearing up a storm when my tree doesn't stand straight and moving furniture around. So far, it has been amazing. Not stressful. I have time to focus on finishing up the semester and working on my book. 

But....I wasn't a total Scrooge. I still wanted to give back. So, I have decided to do a CHILDREN'S BOOK DRIVE. Give the gift of stories this Christmas to those in Need.  

Books will be donated to the following two places. Each has specific needs so please read carefully on the books needed. 

The first in Primary's Children Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. Salt Lake is only about 2.5 hours away and is the closed Child's hospital. It doesn't serve only Utah but many of the surrounding areas in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and I would assume Nevada. Sometimes, when kids go to primaries,they can have extended stays and I couldn't help but think how much books for me as a kid and teenager were such a great way to jump into another world, a way to escape and also some books brought me such joy and hope. Below is a list of books needed.

Books for the hospital must be new or gently used. No yellow pages or chewed on books. 

Books for Primaries
Popular Children's Books                                     Spanish Books
I Spy Books                                                         Toddler Books
Vinyl Book​                                                          Books on CD
Teen magazines and books                                  Young Adult Books      
Magazines and Books for parents                         Coloring Books

Specific book titles include: Curious George, How To Train Your Dragon, Ivy and Bean, Diary of a Worm, Ella Enchanted, Chicka Chicka Boom, Boom, Mysterious Benedict Society, So B. It, The Maze Runner, Any Rick Riordan book

Another place books will be donated to is more local to Pocatello. Head Start is a day care for preschool age kids who can attend for free for low income families. They are looking for Pre-K books for ages 3 and 4 that are educational and fun. Also, books are to be new or gently used. 

Where can you donate?

If you are in Pocatello....
There is a box to donate at the following places:
Wingers Restaurant
Connections Credit Union- Olympus Branch
Jefferson Elementary School- Care of Breanne Bowman

You can also contact me and drop them off at my apartment. I can even pick books up if needed. Books will be collected until Christmas.

If you are NOT in Pocatello....
Well then you are awesome :) Please send me an email at and I will send you my address. If you think this is a great idea but don't want to send books to Idaho, I suggest you look into your own community and see where books or really anything is needed!

If you need anything or have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thanks!!

Last Christmas. 

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  1. Can I just say How Proud I Am Of YOU.... you are a remarkable person, and loving Human Being... Oh, and to call you "Daughter" is just icing on the cake.... LOVE YOU


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