Sunday, December 22, 2013

Holiday Greetings!!

To our Friends and Family,

D and I are wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season! As highlighted in our post about our Book Drive (Which you can still donate to) we pointed out we were having a very subdued Christmas Season. Usually every year we send out Christmas cards, but this year we didn't. Instead I made this one and thought I would give everyone a bit of a year in review. We first want to say that we are very thankful for the constant love and support we have from our friends and family. We are very lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people!

2013 was a year that I think we will ways remember. This year brought us many things and new experiences. It also brought us new ways to see our future, which at times was honestly heartbreaking, but I have spent my life always trying to find the bright side of things, knowing that everything happens for a reason. This year tested us, brought us joy, and filled our lives with love. 

Last winter I started my second semester of grad school. It was an amazing semester and I loved the classes I took. I learned the skill of GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and took a couple history classes for the environmental concentration. I found that by combining history, GIS, and public organizations (mostly National Parks) I really found something I loved. I hope as I graduated this May, I can find a job that combines all of this. I love old things and history, working with it would be amazing. D got to go to Arizona for a week and literally shot lasers through rocks. He enjoyed himself and I love watching him talk about his passion. Even if it is silly things like concrete is actually a rock. (You're welcome for that tidbit) 

Spring break was spent in Jackson Hole doing research in Grand Teton National. At the end of April I did my first 5k. I also decided running probably isn't for me. D was busy with school and working. He always works so hard for us :) 

May came and we both finished our semesters at school. May also brought us our first real life vacation. Okay, D and I have done vacation before. In our time together we've gone to Vegas a couple times, little weekend away trips, and our honeymoon to Disneyworld. But this was a ten day, 2800 mile road trip in places we've never been! For the most part! We had a blast, just the two of us. We got to see family we don't see nearly enough, we got to see some of the most beautiful scenery ever, driving along Hwy 1 down the coast, ocean as far as the eye could see. We got lost, at one point I was sure we would be sleeping in the car, (Thanks D for keeping a calm head to your panicked wife and finding us shelter! or a at least a campsite), we visited National Parks, State Parks, hiked and played. We saw the Redwoods, Lake Tahoe, Bryce Canyon and San Francisco. We drove the windest road I have EVER driven for almost 150 miles. The novelty wore off around mile 90. It was a trip I will always remember! 

Summer brought us my 25th birthday. D turned 26 in September. We continued on with our education goals. We went to Yellowstone National Park. It had been almost ten years since I had been there (middle school field trip) and it was D's first time there! He loved it, if even was mad that he couldn't take Obsidian from the the Obsidian Cliffs. He also didn't like my Tragedy of the Commons excuses. 
We had a perfect weekend in September where we saw one of my favorite bands live and then a perfect Sunday driving home and exploring. 

The Fall semester found us busy with school, working, and other things. We had a quiet Christmas season. We went and got a tree, took my in-laws suburban and cut down a tree in the mountains. Okay, D cut it down. I was mostly frolicking around like a winter fairy, enjoying the cold! 

As D finishes up his degree this spring, he is looking for jobs. I, as well, will start the job search in about March. I also took on a new adventure. I wrote a book which I plan on self-publishing. I found that I love writing. I think I always had but I never thought I was good enough. But I went with it and so there's that. The book should be out Late February/Early March. Be on the lookout!! 

And our plans for 2014? We have no idea where this year will take us. We have no expectations. We know we have each other. This year I think really strengthened our relationship and I know whatever we face in the next year, good or bad, new and exciting, we are ready for it. 

We hope the next year brings you all many wonderful things! We are again so lucky to have such amazing people in our life! Thanks for following our journey! 

Love, Caitlin and DJ. 

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