Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Book Review: The Slammed Series

I wont be the first person to write a review for Slammed and I wont be the last. I am one of many  who  have discovered the amazing qualities of this book but I felt it was important to share my praise. There are books that become staples of a genre or a generation and I feel like Slammed could easily be that book. That each person who reads it afterwords see things a bit different.

There are times when a book/or series of books are read and things change. They make you see things in a different lens. They teach you something, either something about the world or about yourself. These books come along and make a difference.

It was when I was in 3rd grade and I read the Boxcar Children
It was when I was the 6th grade and I read Harry Potter
It was when I was in the 8th grade and I read ALL the VC Andrews Books
It was when I was 17 and I read Looking for Alaska by John Green
It was when I was 18 and read This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald

And it was when I was 24 and read Slammed.

"Push your boundaries, Lake. That's what they're there for" -Slammed 

I was completely floored by the depth and impact of this book. I made all my friends read it. I sang the song of Slammed. And it made me write. Write more than I have since I was 18. And I felt that Slammed was something that I coveted, though I knew that MANY had read this and fell in love, I felt that the story of Will and Lake was my personal glimpse into a world full of love and emotion and I didn't want to share with anyone. I didn't want to leave their story, I just wanted to move in next door and become friends with Will and Lake.

"Deep down, I know none of it matters. The only thing that matters right now is this moment  and this moment is definitely my sweet for the day" -This Girl 

I re-read this book in order to prepare for This Girl to come out, the story from the POV from Will. The first time I read it (in December almost a year after it came out, I know what was I doing?) I quickly read it, I devoured it, I couldnt get enough, couldnt read it fast enough. The second time around, I took my time and cherished the beautiful story that was told. I listened to the Avett Brothers songs that were mentioned while I read it and made a playlist. (So you all don't have too) I took in every emotion and fell into this world I didn't want to come out of.

"It's like you came along and woke up my soul."-Point of Retreat 

And then I got to read Point of Retreat and This Girl. I was so happy to read about Slammed from Will's POV. The story was fresh and there were added bonuses and heartbreak and joy and all those emotions I felt with Slammed. And the poetry? Top notch. As per usual for Colleen Hoover.

In the end, just read this book. It is simple. I have no doubt you will love it and also be wondering why you havent read it et.  if you haven't read this series what are you waiting for?

I am adding the Playlist I made to the bottom of this post and I am also adding a song that I felt fit with the series. Enjoy!

Keep in mind the past times 
Don't ignore the worst 
Raise your eyes 
just know again there will be a next time 

 In a perfect world there would be no divide 
In a perfect world we could both open and see the other side

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