Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Inspiration: Summer Freedom!

Goals are Dreams with Deadlines 
Palisades Creek. Swan Valley, ID

ITS SUMMER!!! I have officially finished my first year of my masters program. The last two weeks were crazy. I drank a lot of caffeine and I think I slept at one point. After spring break I was really nervous for the last month, it was non stop busy but somehow I made it. And now it times for summer adventuring!!! I will be working towards finishing my project at my internship by the beginning of August and serving at night at good ol Wingers. 

But the summer of adventuring officialy starts on Friday! My beautiful cousin is getting married end of May in Southern California, so D and I decided to make it a road trip. We leave Friday to head down to Carson City, NV (Where I was born and grew up) and then up north to the Redwoods and down the California coast. We will then head back up through Vegas and Utah home to Pocatello. We are camping, buming off family, and staying in cheap motels the trip. And I CANT WAIT! Don't worry I will bombard you all with pictures! 

The rest of the summer is filled with 5ks and concerts and birthdays and many many rounds of disc golf. Throw in a few beers on a hot summer day and it will be perfection!

After this semester I have some FUN things coming up in the fall (well. I think they are fun, but I am sure it's debatable)  I will be doing research in Yellowstone National Park with historical GIS and The project I did in GTNP? About the CCC? I get to  PRESENT it next September at the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers conference! Total Nerd Excitement <------Right here. 

SO thats the summer and the fall and everything in between. Bring on the sun!

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  1. haha.. you crack me up! Good work! A great summer it shall be!


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