Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Inspiration: Experience

The above quote was actually something I read in an academic journal for a paper I was writing about sustainability in public administrative decision making. And for some reason, it really stuck it with. It seems fitting that I focus on things I have learned in school this semester since I am literally smack dab in the middle of dead week and finals week. 

So today I want to talk about experience  Everyone has unique experiences of what makes them who they are. These experiences can shape a person's value and moral system. These experiences shape the lens of how people see the world. 

In a way, this blog is a small glimpse into the lens that I see the world. And the most important thing to remember that you should be proud of your unique experience it has made you who are today. On the other hand, you have to remember other people also have this unique experience and see the world differently. In a way, this can be great. A different way to see things or a problem can aid in having a more rounded approach to working towards a better solution. 

Having this mindset has actually helped me in many relations in my life, whether it be school or work or causal encounters. If I am getting angry over something I try to stop and think about where they are coming from. It helps. And of course, some people are just jerks. But you deal. 

So this week, try to think about how your experiences in your life have shaped your values and thought process. And try to think of others. 

Happy Finals Week!!!! (Ok I might only be talking to myself here, but hey I need all the positive vibes I can get!) 

NEXT week I will have some fun book reviews and some more posts. THIS week I will be busy with school sucking the life out of me. ALSO Check out my post about the Experiment In Terror Reading Challenge . The page has been updated with a giveaway!! 

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