Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Inspiration: Back to School

"So the wanderer is followed through the 
entire wide world, sea and land, 
like the historian through all the centuries, by the uniform, 
hopeless picture of divided mankind"

The first day of school. Again. I often say this will be my last first day of school, but who am I kidding. It probably won't so I won't say it. This is the first day of what I hope to be an amazing school year, a fulfilling year as I cross off goals and find passion in the work I get to do. That is something I am looking forward too. This last week D and I both didn't have to work. We crammed in as much nothingness time as possible, knowing today begins our frantic schedules of work, school, and weekends full of social events and celebrating birthday's and babies and what not. 

This semester I am only taking three classes (full time for grad students) and let me tell you, they are THRILLING classes. Ready for it? 
1. Financial Administration and Budgeting 
2. Administrative Law
3. Community and Regional Planning.

Now raise your hand if you think these classes are dull as dull. Surprisingly, I won't be raising my hand. Why? Mostly because I am weird  After doing an internship, I realized how important knowing how to do numbers is and what a great skill it is to have so the Fin Admin class shouldn't be too horrible. I am actually really excited for the planning class because I am hoping to incorporate my enviornmental studies into this. I am still up in the air about Admin Law. We will see. 

This last week D and I enjoyed not working and taking in as much summer as possible. 
We rode bikes, fed ducks, played games, enjoyed great meals with wonderful friends. Saw City of Bones (Jace SWOON) 
 I read. A lot. I think I read almost six books this week. Overall a lovely week. 

Iron and Wine is drifting through the background. Have a wonderful week! 

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