Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Music Wednesday: The Sounds of Summer

Summer means driving with the windows down and the air rushing through your hair. Music playing through the car and warm wind drifting through the car. With school starting this week I am trying as hard as possible to hold onto that summer feeling with listening to the songs that remind with this playlist.

If you know me, you know I constantly have music playing. While I am driving, or working, or walking, or heck even grocery shopping.

The above is a playlist of music and artists that have made Repeat appearances on my playlists. These songs I can easily listen to over and over again.
Below I am highlighting four of the top artists that I couldn't stop listening to.

St. Lucia. I couldn't STOP listening to this artist this summer. Seriously, ask my D how many times these songs were played. A LOT. But I have no shame. St. Lucia is Jean-Phillip Grobler of Johannesberg, South Africa. He ended up in New York with his music. His music has a bit of a electronic pop with a dash of eighties feel to it. The music is addicting and I think that is the reason why I can listen to it over and over again. I hope you enjoy St. Lucia as much as I do! 

Haim is a rock band from LA that consists of three sisters. There music as been described as similar to Fleetwood Mac but with a nineties vibe. What I know is I love their few songs they have and these songs have gotten major play this summer. While girls are rocking out to Taylor Swift (can one really rock out to Taylor Swift?) or Pink or whoever is playing on the top 40, I am rocking out to these girls. Perfect Summer Music. I don't lie. Check them out!

Daughter is a indie band from North London who came together in 2010. I would describe their music as the following: haunting, quiet yet powerful, calming and deep. I love their music. Their music was listened to this summer during the times of thought and reflection, the quiet night drives and summer evenings. Their songs are gorgeous. 

The Helio Sequence This album I actually bought last winter. I fell in love with a few songs and listened to them endlessly. This Portland based band has been around since 1999 but came out with the above album in 2008. Their songs have played an important role in a few things I am working on. I just love them! 

There also a few standalone songs I have been crushing on as well. Check out the above playlist and enjoy! 

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