Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday is the New Monday: Uncertainty

So I have Monday's off which means the beginning of my work week (for now) is on Tuesdays. So here is your Tuesday Inspiration!!! :):)

D and I went on a bike ride yesterday during the evening. You live in a city for years and you drive to your places or your work and you see the same thing everyday. It all starts to blur together and becomes common. On our bike ride you get to look around as you leisurely stroll through the town. You get to see the bike paths that need some help, or the greenway that has a side of abandoned buildings next to it. You ride through downtown behind buildings and you see the history of the town on the side of buildings with painted ads, or the smell of chinese food that lingers through the backdoor next to the liquor store. It is all different sights and smells in a city you thought you knew. You are viewing the city in different lens and it opens the your mind to the possibilities the city can have or the downfalls. It brings up change in how you see things.

Where am I going with this you ask?

I quit my job.

I put in my two weeks at Wingers and then left to sign papers for another job. I have one year down and one more to go for my Masters degree and I was offered a job in the History Dept at ISU as a graduate research assistant to do GIS based historical research in Yellowstone park. I am THRILLED about it. I LOVE old things and research and all that jazz. I had known about this before school ended but for D and I, things fall through all the time. Seriously  So when I found out it was a pretty quick decision that made me quit my job and I am still reeling from it a bit.

But I was sad to leave Wingers. After six years and overall nine years of serving, it is very much a part of who I am. I am a server. I like serving, I like working on my feet and I like the feel and pace and atmosphere working in a restaurant. I met D there and all of my amazing friends somehow are connected to that place. So it was really a bittersweet moment. Plus is was my safety net, it was the blur of images I felt when I went about my daily life. Now I will get to see things a bit differently with a different lens.

It brings a feel on uncertainty and change, which I crave but also fear a bit. After the end of this academic year I will be done with my Masters, D will have his Geoscience degree and then......then we figure out whats next. I have no idea where we will end up but hears to hoping for the best!

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