Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Inspiration: Perfect Moments

We must have adventures in order to know where we truly belong

(Scout Mountain Rd. Pocatello, ID)

I took a few days off for my birthday. D and I went on a four hour hike up Scout Mountain for my birthday morning and I love going out and enjoying the quiet sounds of nature. Plus I finally got to spend some time with D. We wondered why we hadn't gone out as much for walks and hikes and then I realized that we have been working a lot this summer. Plus we never have the same time off. He works a lot more nights than me and I am usually up and out of the house by 9 we so we miss each other most times.

Plus when you do have time, you generally don't want to do anything, which I totally get. But when we do have time together we are outside riding bikes and playing disc golf. I brought 25 in with a bang and I got to celebrate with D and some awesome people. Summer, for me, is half way over with less than two months left before school starts again. Am I weird if I am excited to go back? Probably. But again, nothing new to me. Seriously  for my birthday D got me a pink headlamp (bring on the camping!) Tibetan prayer flags and concert tickets of my choice (I think Im going with Neko Case September in Boise).

Mostly, I spent the last four days not stressing, doing things I love and spending time with D. It was pretty perfect. So my inspiration  Take note of those perfect moments and store them away to keep when things aren't so perfect.

XOXOX For your week!!

And a happy tune I have been bopping my head to all weekend.

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