Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Inspiration: The Stories We Tell

On Sunday, after a pleasant breakfast with D, we hit up the last day of an estate sale in Pocatello. I try to hit up each estate sale that I can find in Pocatello and usually I will get some things here or there, nothing too crazy. But yesterday as I walked into the basement of this house, D had found this stereo. It was a 1950s era stereo/record player. After plugging it in and testing out I knew I couldn't part with it. Plus it was only $25. I mean really. How I could say no? 

See, I have this thing for old things. It could be because of my history degree, or it could be growing up running around thrift stores and junk yards, it could be a lot of things. But what I think about the most when dealing with these old things, I often wonder what the story is behind something. 

What stories does this record player tell?

Does it paint the picture of a family sitting around and listening the radio as JFK was shot? As the event  unfolded? Did they listen to accounts of what was going on during the Vietnam war? Or by that time was it only a piece of furniture that was put away due to the popularity of the televisions? Was it used to listen to music when the kids went to bed and the parents sat and reminiscence about how difficult it was to be apart during World War II? Did it play The Beatles as they become on of the biggest bands ever? Or did it play the old tunes of different eras before it was even made? 

I look at this piece and wish I could turn on the radio and have it tell me these stories. 

The stories we tell shape who we are. I try to live my life to the fullest and I want my stories to be ones that are told often. I want my stories to make a difference in this world. Maybe one day when this record player lands into someone's else house it will tell the stories of the life I lived. The love and loss and joy and heartbreak  The times when music filled our place and it was complimented with laughter  The times when music played as it consoled us during difficult times. The stories I tell. Take note of your story and think about the story you want the world to know. 

If these walls could talk, right? 

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