Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Book Review: Unravel Me

Unravel Me by Tahreh Mafi 

Blurb from Goodreads:
tick tick tick tick tick it's almost time for war. Juliette has escaped to Omega Point. It is a place for people like her—people with gifts—and it is also the headquarters of the rebel resistance. She's finally free from The Reestablishment, free from their plan to use her as a weapon, and free to love Adam. But Juliette will never be free from her lethal touch. Or from Warner, who wants Juliette more than she ever thought possible. In this exhilarating sequel to Shatter Me, Juliette has to make life-changing decisions between what she wants and what she thinks is right. Decisions that might involve choosing between her heart—and Adam's life

So I have, twice, bypassed really great books. What happens is I read epic books (such as Divergent and Slammed) and then to try to deal  with my book hangover, I read books that are quite excellent to only think they are ok because I had just read epicness. Unravel Me is the second book in the trilogy by Mafi and I read the first book, Shatter Me, right after Divergent. After a friend read Shatter Me and was like, um this books rocks, I was like...wait...did I miss something. The answer is YES I did miss something. I missed how awesome Shatter Me was. And I am sorry. So last week I reread Shatter Me, the novella in between Destroy Me and then read  Unravel Me as soon as it came out.

And I must say. This book. Was BEYOND amazing. First lets talk writing. Mafi is a rare talent in her unique writing. It is like a breath of fresh air, how she breaks the writing rules but it still flows oh so wonderfully. How you feel the emotion she is trying to get across. In this book by chapter 15 I had to take a break because my heart was literally hurting. And then Mafi throws in little bits of greatness such as this:

My head is full of missing buttons and shards of glass and broken pencil tips.

The next great thing, well person, in this book is Kenji. I have never loved a non love interest side character as much as I have loved Kenji. He is A. Hilarious B. Honest C.Kick Ass. The scene where he is confronting Juliette was amazing. It seems that Kenji really gets the point, doesn't mess around even though he is such a wise ass.

And the oh-so-wonderful-heart-fluttering love triangle. In this book it was everything I wanted and nothing that I expected. Mafi said it best

"My emotions jump out of a plane" 

Yep that was what I was feeling this whole book.

Many people say this book has a X Man vibe, and well I have never seen X Man, so I don't really know but I do know that you all must rush out and read this series. You wont regret it. You will actually probable thank me. Bow down, shower me with gifts. Or not. But all the same, if you are looking for a great dystopian read, with action, a crazy CRAZY love triangle, put this on the TOP of your TBR list.

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