Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Inspiration: Love, Actually

Love Actually is one of my most favorite Christmas movies, and while I understand that this Thursday is Valentines Day, I think that this movie is a prime example that well, as cheesy as it sounds, love it all around us. I, personally, think that poor Valentines Day gets a bad rap. It is an either/or type of deal. Either you are madly in love and it is the day your significant other showers you with gifts and flowers galore, or your single and you hate hate this holiday.

So for this Monday's Inspiration and I am focusing that VDay is MORE than just recognizing that you have the best partner ever, but to realize and look at how many people love you and support you. That while at times you think that you might be alone in your dealings, there are people just waiting around the corner, that love you, that support you. So this Vday relish in the fact that you got awesome flowers and super tasty chocolate, but also tell the people around you that you love them. That you appreciate  them.

And if you are anti Vday...well get over it (I'm known for my bluntness and lack of filter). Seriously, find your own true meaning in it, make it your own holiday, find what works best for you. Just because one person sees it one way (or how it is portrayed in the commercialized public) does not mean you have to see it that way.

And because I am a Sappy Sap I am leaving you with a love song.

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