Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Inspiration: Expectations

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things"
-Robert Brault
(A poor quality phone picture but for some reason I love this picture. Honeymoon 08/11 Disneyworld)

This Monday I am talking about expectations. If, 7 years ago, when I graduated from high school you would have told me where I would be now, I would have probably laughed in your face. Now, I guess I should say I don't regret where I am today, but it is not where I thought I would be at 18. I figured I would traipsing in foreign countries, doing good in the world. 

That is the thing of expectations, they are never what you want them to be, but they can be sneaky and be better then what you thought you wanted. I have always had a urge to travel. But when I look back I  realize I have gotten many opportunities to travel. I have been to New Orleans, Dallas, Florida, Vegas, plus I have explored the beautiful lands around my home. And while I thought I would be this independent women traveling the globe, now I have a traveling partner. I might be biased, but D is the best to travel with. While in public I am more shy and reserved, D is outgoing and can easily strike up a conversation with anyone. He is up to trying most anything and it is always an adventure with him. 

I read this article about 21 secrets in your 20s and it really highlighted many of the thoughts that go through me head. Like the one below:

" Life will never feel like it’s “supposed to”. Being twentysomething can feel like death by unmet expectations. However, let me be so brash to say that you are right now, at this moment, exactly where you need to be. But you’ll only be able to see that five years and thirty-eight days from today."

 So while I thought I would be widely more successful at this point, I have come to the following realizations: 
1. Nothing is ever what I expected it to be, usually its better and sometimes its not. 

2. I can ONLY control what I can control. If I have no control over it, its no use to feel sorry or to dwell on how unfair things are. It is what it is. I deal. 

3. D is my home. Cheesy as it sounds, no matter where we are as long as we are together we are home.

 4. Patience is essential, and a skill I am constantly working on. 

5. Cherish relationships, make sure you tell people how important they are. You never know what is around the corner. 

 So todays inspiration is to focus on the current, celebrate accomplishments, small or big, and remember that dreams and goals are great things to have, but life has a funny way of giving us exactly what we need.

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  1. Hey girl, I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award I think yours is pretty sweet, and you're very supportive of my blog and others too!! :)


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